Time to even the odds. Speedy’s done, what, 3 video game reviews and I’ve done zilch, zero, none basically. So what better material than the conclusion to probably my favourite game franchise of all time. This isn’t the best Batman game, but it definitely isn’t the worst, not by a longshot.

You can tell this game was meant to be played on new-gen consoles. The water is so sharp, the light is so clear, the faces so bloody and beaten. I know that graphics don’t make the game, but when they are this good, you can’t ignore them. When I first played it, I was physically taken aback by it. It is like looking through a violent, rainy window.

However, graphics don’t mean squat unless the gameplay is good enough to back them. With a Batman game, there is nothing to moan about, gameplay wise. The innovational combat system, FreeFlow, is used once again but it is refined and perfected due to the addition of environmental “takedowns”.


No Killing? Sure, those electric shocks straight to the brain will just, work itself out.

The Batmobile has also been recently introduced to the franchise, a bit too late I say. The game tries to compensate for that with a slight overeliance on it, making some side and main objectives unobtainable without it. That said, the Batmobile is very fun to just drive around in, electrocuting street thugs as you run them over, stretching Batman’s “no killing” rule to it’s very limits. The Battle Mode on the Batmobile is entertaining but it wasn’t used to it’s full potential, upgrades being very linear and scarce. A welcome change is the lower amount of boss battles, making gameplay feel a lot more free and less forced. The Predator mode (stealth) is as good as ever, the use of gadgets is encouraged and using them is a lot more rewarding and makes things easier.

Spoilers, M’Kay? (For Arkham City & Origins)

Well, HOW ABOUT THAT? The Joker isn’t the main villain, or so you thought. A pet peeve of mine since Arkham City is that The Joker died but the series wouldn’t let him go. Using the prequel excuse, Arkham Origins advertised itself as The Black Mask being the main villain but WOAH he dies, and guess who kills him? Joker! It’s the same principal in this. Admittedly, The Scarecrow does play a bigger role than Black Mask does in Origins, but The Joker still makes an appearance, this annoys me. A LOT. I mean, I love The Joker as much as anyone, maybe even more. BUT LET HIM DIE.

No more spoilers. Well done, cretin.

Just because the story’s finished, doesn’t mean you are! There is a plethora of side missions and collectables for you to find and complete. From kicking militia ass, to kicking thug ass, to kicking cult ass, to, guess what?, kicking robot ass. So much ass to kick, you’d think you’re at an anus supermarket. There is also some DLC, big surprise. The Arkham Episodes section let you play as one of your favourite side characters in a single level, a little bit disappointing but cool all the same. Red Hood if you have money to blow on the Big Fat Special Super-Duper Collector’s Edition (approx. title), Harley Quinn if you pre-ordered it (like myself) or Batgirl if you bought the normal one after it came out, have little bit of money to spare and don’t want to miss out on all the Arkham Episode goodness.


Well worth the money, well worth your time and well worth a third reason that I can’t be arsed to think of, this isn’t the best Batman game, but, as I said, definitely not the worst, not by a longshot.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations

Uncle Milo.

5 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One/PS4, 2015) – Review

  1. I find it interesting that we both differed on the inclusion of boss battles. I wish there’d been more, as these were some of my favorite moments in earlier games, but it sounds as if you didn’t want more? Unless I read you wrong, mayhap?
    And The Joker will never die! lol
    Thanks for the fun and manageable read! I envy you being able to crank out packaged reviews whereas mine bordered on 6k words… I don’t know what happened!

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest, I wrote that quite a while ago so my opinions on boss battles and the over inclusion of the Batmobile have changed. In fact, after sending you that link I reread it and found myself questioning it! By the way, I didn’t really mean to write that short of a review, it was sorta down to lack of skill.

      Liked by 1 person

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