This guy isn’t actually playing a game. He’s just having far too much fun imagining himself playing one.

I love to play a good game or two. Or three. Or four. Or a hundred. However many games I love to play, this post lists ten of my favourites, in order from worst (or least best) to best. Have fun disagreeing with me and saying, at the end of reading it, “This kid’s a bit weird, ain’t he.” Well… This is what I say to that:

Do you know who Dankey Kang is? I do.

10. Sonic Generations (PS3)

I’ve already graced the internet with a wonderfully amazing review (no feeling of smugness felt) on this game; but, seeing as people reading this probably won’t bother to read it… It’s the best nostalgia trip I’ve played. It’s fun, fast and brilliantly designed, and is the second best Sonic game out there. I liked it so much when I got it, that I deliberately played through it slowly, so I could immerse myself in the game fully.

9. Gotcha Force (Gamecube)

Gotcha Force is pretty much the definition of a classic for me. Actually, let me rephrase that. The classic. Although it has its fair share of flaws and annoyances; it is probably my most played game: because, for some reason, it is the most addictive thing on Earth. I started playing this when I was about five years old; and I kept on playing it for hours on end until I was about eleven years old. All I can say is this. Please make a sequel, Capcom (or, rather, Crapcom). Please.

8/7. Pokémon White Version (DS) and Pokémon Soulsilver Version (DS)

… And Soulsilver Version. The ultimate two in one package!

Oh Pokémon: you were the most addictive game out there other than Gotcha Force for years, and you’re still amazing. White and Soulsilver, my friends, are the best Pokémon games out there, with the best Pokémon, worlds and design.

6. Sonic Colours (Wii)

Sonic Colours is the best Sonic game. It nails the balance between 2D and 3D in an amazing way; exhibiting amazing platforming gameplay and some of the best level design out there, through one hell of a game that brought Sonic back to greatness after a couple of years rotting in a ditch with the crap that was Sonic ’06. But don’t be too surprised, because it is indeed colourful.

It’s the top five, folks. Better get ready fo’ the big guns.

A big gun.

5. Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Before you wonder why I have this in my list and not Mario Galaxy 1 or 2, it is because I haven’t completed either of those. But, what the hey, this is one hell of a Mario game and may well be the best game the 3DS has to offer: its gameplay is fantastic, its level design is unique and intricate and it has brilliant lasting appeal; it also looks really, really nice to boot. Also, it’s soundtrack is too good to go without a mention. Too good.

4. Rayman Legends (PS3)

Rayman Legends is probably the most entertaining game I have ever played. Ubisoft knew what they were doing with this game. They wanted to make an amazing gaming experience: with Rayman. This game brings music levels, which are the definition of fun. Screw Guitar Hero, if I want to play Eye of the Tiger on a game I will go on Rayman Legends. There’s also other additions like Murfy (who develops the single player complexity) and Kung Foot (which is also very fun). Rayman Legends is an incredible game. Incredible. But it’s just a shame that it was slightly unfinished and they removed Tricky Treasure levels; but when you’ve got a world like 20,000 Lums Under the Sea to play through, it doesn’t matter very much.

It’s the top three. THE TOP THREE. (Don’t throw up with excitement)

Someone about to throw up.

3. Super Smash. Bros for Wii U/3DS

I’m listing this as both games because it’s the way I can emphasize how good it is best. This latest Super Smash Bros. is the best one. It plays the best. It has the best character roster – with amazingly awesome new characters like Greninja, Little Mac and Duck Hunt Duo. It had the best build up. Yep. That’s important for a game like this. It has the best modes: Smash Run is fantastic to play multi-player or single player, Smash Tour is also very good and Classic Mode may be the best it has ever been. And it has the best stages (Palutena’s Temple speaks for itself). It is the best one. The only reason that these games aren’t in 1st place is because the 3DS version isn’t as perfect as the Wii U one.

2. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3)

I think Ratchet & Clank may have replaced Sonic as my favourite game series in the first 10 minutes I played in this. It only got better after that. This game is so incredibly amazing I can’t quite put it into words. It has the best weapons arsenal by far out of any Ratchet & Clank game, it also plays the best and is the most well designed – every part of the game is designed in incredible detail -, and it looks really, really nice to boot. Furthermore, it’s brilliantly written and has the best story of any game I have ever played: Nefarious in this game is the best villain ever and Ratchet is the best hero, and Quark, well… Is Quark. This game finishes the Future Trilogy in perfect fashion and is so, so agonizingly close to being the best game I have ever played.

1. Rayman Origins (PS3)

Rayman Origins is an incredible achievement of a game. The reason why is because I never really used to play Rayman all that much and wasn’t amazingly interested in it – the only game I bought of it before was Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc – and this game got me into it. It got me into it in incredible fashion. Rayman Origins is the best 2D platformer in existence, the nicest looking game, the most brilliantly designed game (the best level design) and the game which is most fun. Origins is better than Legends because it is more of a full game package than Legends and it is completely finished; It’s also longer and very challenging, but when you play the whole game through cooperatively this makes it a barrel of laughs, it is the most fun and challenging on the tricky treasure levels and the Land of the Livid Dead stage: which is the most stupidly hard and fun thing I have ever played – I played it 4-player co-op, which made it extra stupid! But at no point is this game too hard, it knows when to stop and not to go too far – it is a well-rounded and possibly even perfect gaming experience. Rayman Origins is the best game ever, and I don’t think anything will ever be better than it (for me at least) – unless Ubisoft make another Rayman game that is even better!

It is the best.

A disgusting freak of nature.

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