It’s about time. It’s about time I done a movie review. It’s in the description. “He specialises in watching films” is what it says. It’s almost been a week since we started this and I haven’t wrote Jack about movies. This isn’t about Jack though (who’s he?) this is about Ant Man and how it’s pretty damn good but isn’t as good as any other Marvel films, I mean it’s no Guardians of the Galaxy.

The story is fairly predictable, but that can be forgiven in superhero film. The jokes can be funny but there are definitely a few groaners. There is a lot of averageness in the film. However, it was very enjoyable, maybe just because it’s a Marvel film, maybe because it’s Paul Rudd, probably because it is. It just is. There is just a sense of adventure and childishness to it. The Thomas the Tank Engine sequence is entertaining but a bit cliche, it felt like it was on it’s hands and knees begging for a laugh and I’m afraid to say there were a few, I chuckled because, just because I don’t laugh, I AM BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET. UNDISPUTED.

When the news broke out that Paul Rudd was playing the titular role, there were many people going “*groan* *groan* Paul Rudd shouldn’t be Ant Man, he’s a comedic actor. *groan*. It’s gonna suck!*groan* *groan* My father doesn’t love me. *groan* *groan*.” I had faith though, it was the same crap when Guardians was announced and how good was that? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m rambling. Anyway, Paul Rudd probably wasn’t perfect for the role, but they could of done a lot worse, Tyler Perry for example.  Evangeline Lily was unlikable as Hope Van Dyne. I hated her throughout, even when she became not a pain in the ass. I also hated Cassie, but that’s more down to my irrational hatred of live action children in movies. Michael Douglas brought it back though, him being perfect for the wise mentor type that Hank Pym is to the main character.

Ant Man Action

Is that a high plasma laser on your back? Or are you just pleased to see me? I never understood those jokes.

It being a superhero blockbuster, you’d expect it to have some form of comedy, but Ant Man focuses on it, probably due to Paul Rudd’s involvement. As I said before, the comedy doesn’t always hit its mark, a few chuckleworthy jokes. The action, however, is top class. They took the shrinking mechanic and use it to make the film’s action sequences unique. The shrinking itself is done miraculously well, the special effects disorientating, making you feel as if you are shrinking in your seat.

The film couldn’t ask for better source material, as most Marvel movies are. The Ant Man character is one that is long overdue an adaptation and a place in the Avengers. The villain, Yellowjacket, is built up throughout the film to make you hate him and it works, so when he finally puts on the suit, you’re already rooting for Ant Man. The small Falcon cameo-ish sequence felt out of place, not necessary and forced onto the plot.

This was a great film. It couldn’t of been much more than what it already was. It breaks my heart that they couldn’t of broken away a bit from the comedy and given Paul Rudd a bit of a stretch.


Didn’t walk in expecting a masterpiece, didn’t get one.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations

Uncle Milo

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