Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One, 2014) – Review

This is a very fun game. At the dawn of the Christmas season (October) in 2014, a game was released by Insomniac Games, arguably one of this decade's best developers, excitement level 1. Upon playing it, I realised the excessive amount of gore and obscenities, excitement level 2. The ridiculous level of character customization resulted…Read more Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One, 2014) – Review

Why do I play so much football games?

Yes. That is the question. Why, oh why, do I play so much football games? Why do I spend hours each day playing football games? Whether it's PES 2015 or FIFA 12, why do I always find a way to play football games, and why do I spend so much time on them? That is…Read more Why do I play so much football games?

Feed the Rhino – The Sorrow and the Sound (2014) Review

This band is a bit crazy. Yes. This band is a bit crazy. I realized that once I had listened to this album; and the first track for that matter. They're something between hardcore punk and metal: with shredding guitar throughout, fast tempo riffs, prevalent drums and a raving lunatic screaming like a mad man…Read more Feed the Rhino – The Sorrow and the Sound (2014) Review

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015) – Review

Kokilly okilly dokilly! "Where have you been?" You might be asking. None of your business, aight? All you need to know is I have been back for a bit now but haven't been arsed to write anything. However, the laziness will cease today! As I write my first review in, like, two weeks and what better…Read more The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015) – Review

Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review

Now this is rock. Audioslave truly is rock; proper groovy, catchy, riff-y rock. It's got the influence from old time classic rock and Rage Against the Machine - which it shares the presence of the guitar genius Tom Morello with. It's band members are, well, Tom Morello, Chris Cornell, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford. They are…Read more Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review

Top Ten Bands that do Music – Speedy

Howdy folks, I'm back. Back from what, you say? A two week camping holiday. Yeah. And get this. I'm doing the same Top Ten Milo did a while ago. But Speedy edition. I like music, and there are a lot of bands around the world that play it; some play it well, some don't. This…Read more Top Ten Bands that do Music – Speedy

Burnout: Paradise – The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360/PS3, 2008) – Review

You know when you were but a child? You would play a lot, wouldn't you? Yeah? Yeah. You'd have your cars and you'd make them crash and the "boom!" sound with your mouth. Ah good times. Well, seven years ago, developer Critereon made that fantasy a reality, bringing to the world their latest in their…Read more Burnout: Paradise – The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360/PS3, 2008) – Review

The White Stripes – Elephant (2003) – Review

I can't think of an opening sentence. It would usually be something along the lines of "Recently, I..." or, perhaps, "Seeing that...". I have developed some sort of format for opening sentences but I don't want to follow that because it gets a bit samey. There's no reason for this review. I was just a…Read more The White Stripes – Elephant (2003) – Review

This is Spinal Tap (1984) – Review

From director Rob Reiner, a man whose filmography is filled with such dramatic, serious pieces, such as Misery, and lighter-hearted films, such as When Harry Met Sally, comes a masterpiece of rock/mock/doc-umentary that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a struggling rock band's US tour, This is Spinal Tap. Well, look at that! I done…Read more This is Spinal Tap (1984) – Review

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) – Review

To start things off, I'd like to apologise for the half-assed review of RocknRolla. Unless I posted this before that, in which case, I apologise in advance. Just don't read it. Actually, I'm going to throw it in the trash. This sort of honesty is rare in websites, that's why we're different. We respect you,…Read more Dog Day Afternoon (1975) – Review