Kokilly okilly dokilly! “Where have you been?” You might be asking. None of your business, aight? All you need to know is I have been back for a bit now but haven’t been arsed to write anything. However, the laziness will cease today! As I write my first review in, like, two weeks and what better to review than new film! Guess who took a trip to the cinema? Damn right it was me.

I had been skeptical at first. Well, that’s a lie. At first, I had no idea what this film was, being born years and years and years after The Man From U.N.C.L.E was even relevant. When I watch the first trailer, my initial thoughts were “Is that Superman? He can act!” and I got mildly to moderately excited. Then I read IGN’s review of it; 6.8, average. Who let them write movie reviews? Anyway, they couldn’t be more wrong. Nevertheless, the review demoralised me slightly. Although there were a few minor flaws, what I watched was a super sleek, super stylish, perfectly acted spy noir that I fear will go into the realm of underrated in years to come.

The story resembles that of a typical cartoon or adventure film. In any other circumstance, this would be a bad thing. Yet, this gives the film a nostalgia factor, I presume, to anyone who watched the TV series. Being the uptight, British type, I would always hesitate to call a film “sexy”. That being said, for a 12A (or PG-13 for our American friends), director Guy Ritchie has done a brilliant job of giving it an aura of “the sex” about it, without showing any actual nudity (nothing graphic anyway, tee hee!). Ah!…Where was I? Oh yes! The story. When international thief turned CIA Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) is on a mission to exfiltrate car mechanic Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) from East Germany (Oh, did I mention the film is set in the early 1960s?), a KGB super agent, played by Armie Hammer (you know, The Lone Ranger), pursues them. When they escape, it is revealed that Solo and the agent, Illya Kuryakin, are being teamed to up to thwart a nuclear disaster at the hands of a mysterious criminal organisation.

Roman Holiday 2 Now It's Personal

Roman Holiday 2 – Confirmed!

The thing that surprised me most is the acting and the quality. I, like most people, know Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer from Man of Steel (2013) and The Lone Ranger (2013), two decidably average films. So it was a hell of a shock when two seemingly cardboard actors pulled out two brilliant performances. The film has been criticised for the lack of chemistry on screen. This wasn’t a problem for me, however, for once, I’ll let you decide on that one. The supporting cast was less brilliant yet still perfectly tolerable, I was especially a fan of Hugh Grant’s Waverly as he brought just the right amount of comic value in short, sophisticated instances.

Overall, this isn’t probably a “must see” but if you have nothing else to do and fancy a film, this is a very entertaining caper.


Lots of hugs kisses and lacerations

Uncle Milo

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