Yes. That is the question. Why, oh why, do I play so much football games? Why do I spend hours each day playing football games? Whether it’s PES 2015 or FIFA 12, why do I always find a way to play football games, and why do I spend so much time on them? That is the question; or, those are the questions.

No matter how much time I put into football games, I probably can’t do that.

It almost distresses me that I play so much of the damned things, because it takes away so much possible time to play other ‘proper’ games, if you like, and makes me pretty much only play football games. For example, I have had Ratchet & Clank: Nexus for I think over a year now, and I haven’t completed it yet – even though it’s a relatively short game – and I have had Pokémon Y for even longer, and I haven’t completed that. About three years ago, I would’ve blasted through both of those games; but now, I can’t, because the time frame in which I play games in a day are seemingly always taken up by playing football games.

I like football. Well, I like it a lot; I find myself being very interested in it, and I spent a lot of time tweaking my Fantasy Premier League team so I could have a chance of winning my little league with it. Yep. But, I know people who are just as interested in the sport as I am: and they do not play football games as much as me. No way near. As in, one of them plays football games quite a lot, but it’s not like he plays them every day for hours on end. But, there is a link in this; he likes football, I like football, and so we both play football games… Nonetheless, that doesn’t answer the question of why I play them so much, rather it answers why I play them in the first place.

I bet you my team could beat that.

What I have begun to think, is that I am addicted to them. Because when I come home from school, I think: I want to play a football game. Every day. But then I think, why don’t I play one of my other games? Then I sit there, in front of my PS3, trying to make myself replace the football game disk already in the console (because I often leave it in there) with a disk of one of my ‘proper games’. But, most of the time, I can’t quite do it; and so I just stick on the football game. It’s almost like a drug.

Maybe it’s because at the age I am at, I am prone to get addicted to things. But is that really a thing? It could be. Because I’ve known many people who in their teenage years have got very addicted (or obsessed) to particular things, like bands and films. And I guess that’s probably what’s going on with me and football. Or not. Because I know people just as into football as I am in their twenties; so I don’t think the age that I am at comes into it.

I think, maybe, that the most likely reason is because football games are the congregation of two things I am especially interested in: football, and games (who would’a known that?). So I think I become more inclined to play that than other games, which, rather than two things I like in one game, it is just one: the game.

But I don’t know. It could be loads of things. Maybe it’s just because I like Career Mode and Master League so much as I do. Those modes are amazing. I can be the manager of my favourite team and buy amazing players for them in a virtual reality. I do like that.

Ooh, he would be a good buy.

But, yeah, basically I don’t know why I play so much football games. So I’m sorry to those reading this that expected a conclusive answer; but what articles like this actually provide that? So I guess this one is as good as any other one. But if you want some sort of answer to the question, I guess it would be because I like them.

Now, time to play a football game! Who’ll join me?

– Speedy.

4 thoughts on “Why do I play so much football games?

  1. Your fantasy team could not beat the one in the picture (neither could mine)…

    I know the reason you play football games (it’s the same reason I get into them): They’re easy. I don’t mean they’re easy in terms of difficulty, but in terms of actually playing them. Football games are easy to just turn on and play, they require no thought (or very little) – rather than playing an RPG for example, which you feel you need at least a certain amount of time to play. Football games can be played for 10 minutes or hours easier than anything else really, and in career mode there is still the sense of accomplishment and achievement.

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