Top Ten Metal Albums – Speedy

I like metal, and I'm pretty sure it's liked me... Alright, School of Rock reference aside; I really do like metal, and it's fast becoming my favourite genre -- with it's knee-thump provoking heavy riffs, power chords, drums and mad screaming. There's one rule for this list, though, an album can only be in it…Read more Top Ten Metal Albums – Speedy

Soulcalibur V (PS3/Xbox 360, 2012) Review

Street Fighter 3 again? First of all, I would like to say that Soulcalibur (or Soul) is probably one of my favourite game series, and I have high hopes for every Soulcalibur game I play. However, this sixth installment (yes, I'm counting Soul Edge) in the series and is the weakest I have played. Soulcalibur…Read more Soulcalibur V (PS3/Xbox 360, 2012) Review

Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360/PS3, 2012) – Review

From Square Enix, them guys who did all them Final Fantasies and stuff like that and such and so forth, comes a game that is like all of the JRPGs that Square is known for, except it isn't, at all, in the slightest, I'm using all of these phrases to boost my word count and…Read more Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360/PS3, 2012) – Review

Kingpin (1996) – Review

Ooo'ere! Milo, that's who. I think that's the correct response to "Ooo'ere!". I don't really know. I'm starting to regret putting it in my review, oh well. I've made an executive decision to stop with the "Uncle" Milo bullcrap. You are very, very welcome for that. Alright, time to do some reviewing. This is a…Read more Kingpin (1996) – Review

Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (2011) Review

Sylosis again? Who are these people? ... Is what you're probably saying. But what the heck, here's another review of another of this stellar band's albums. Edge of the Earth is the earliest Sylosis record I've listened to - considering it was released in 2011, it isn't actually very long ago, but yeah. It shows…Read more Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (2011) Review

Stupid Konami

Stupid Konami. Stupid, stupid Konami. Oh, Konami, how stupid you are; how immensely idiotically stupid you are. You know what? You're worse than SEGA. SEGA. SEGA, the notoriously stupid company, is now not as stupid as Konami. Komani are a games company with a rich history and generally had a good reputation among people in…Read more Stupid Konami

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review

Watch. Sleep. Repeat? Edge of Tomorrow is one of those films that I didn't want to watch enough to see it in the cinema and so got it in Blu-Ray later on in the same year it came out in the cinema. It took me a while to get round to watching it; but it…Read more Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review

Nintendo Games to be Excited for

Yes, this is indeed Speedy, not Milo, writing this; as you may have guessed - unless you're a new reader - as for the fact that Nintendo is in the title. And yes, indeed, there are many Nintendo games to be excited for in the coming months -- at least for me. First and foremost, I reckon,…Read more Nintendo Games to be Excited for