A New Writer Approaches!

Smash Bros. reference aside, I, Speedy, have appointed a new writer for this site. I thought that maybe this website is a little bit lacking in game reviews, so I thought I’d appoint a friend of mine who both plays lots of games and has lots of strong opinions on them that he wants everyone else to know about. The perfect way for him to tell everyone his thoughts is, of course, through this wonderfully amazingly awesome website in reviews.

He loves Nintendo and I’m guessing his favourite game is Smash Bros. 4; seeing as how much hours he’s spent on it. You can get to know him by his real name, as I’m sure he’s fine about it: Marcus. Marcus the Great; Marcus the Brilliant; Marcus the Incredible. Well, it’s probably actually Marcus the Alright, and he knows he’s the nerdiest of the nerds.

So, yeah, we have a new writer… And his name is Marcus. So have fun reading even more crap than before!

– Speedy.

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