Deadpool: I Rule, You Suck (2010-11) – Review

Haven't had one of these to wet your keen graphic novel appetites in a while, eh? Well, prepare for your appetites to be damped by the sweet, sweet, dark comedic juices that The Merc With A Mouth has to offer. Let's us kick off with a straight, hard fact. I love Deadpool. I have liked…Read more Deadpool: I Rule, You Suck (2010-11) – Review

Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review

It is I, Emmanuel! Risk of Rain, the action packed, rogue-lite, pixelated, 2D platformer. Incredibly infuriating but ridiculously fun. It has a lot of replayability as you unlock different things throughout playing the game, this can range from unique character classes, catastrophic weapons or perilous creatures which will try to manslaughter you as you try…Read more Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review