It is I, Emmanuel!

Risk of Rain, the action packed, rogue-lite, pixelated, 2D platformer. Incredibly infuriating but ridiculously fun. It has a lot of replayability as you unlock different things throughout playing the game, this can range from unique character classes, catastrophic weapons or perilous creatures which will try to manslaughter you as you try and find your way back home. You can currently pick up this game from Steam for £6.99 but is it worth it, eh?


When you begin the game, you are obligated to pick a character/class. Each character has a different set of unique abilities. As a new player the only character available to you would be the Commando, as you have to unlock the other character classes. As you spawn into the deprived world, the game gives you a brief description of the controls. Arrow keys to move with G being an activate Item key and A being an enter key. To use your 4 main abilities you will use Z,X,C,V on the keyboard. Z would usually be your main way of dealing damage in a sort of auto-attack way. X would be an AOE (Area of effect) damaging ability while C would be a untility/dodge/defensive ability. Finally V would be a really good ability with a long cool down. You will be spawned into a randomley generated-world with treasure and loot spawned across it aswell as monsters. Your main goal is to find the teleporter so you can travel to the next stage, keep in mind that the game gets harder the longer your playing, so it would start of easy and probably end up on to a really hard difficulty. This gives a great degree of challange aswell as preasure to try and find the teleporter so you can complete the game quicker without it getting to the point of almost-near impossible. As you roam each level you will find chests or statues which either require money or health to open/unlock. You get money from slaughtering the monsters, with some monsters being good enough to drop Items. Now Items in this game are like a huge thing, basicly you need them in order to even get pass the second stage. Every Item is unique and will buff your character in a certain way for example like move faster. Most Item’s stack meaning you can move even faster if you had 2 of these move faster Items. Some Item’s are better than others but you may have to unlock alot of the really cool awesome ones such as revives from death or explosions EVERYWHERE!! Other Items can be picked up and activated every minuite or so as if it was another ability. The main way of obtaining these Items are either through monster drops which are quite a rare or buying. So you as you travel through each stage and defeat each boss you will eventually reach the end.


The graphics are pixelated and very simple yet effective. Sometimes it does get hard trying to distinguish what things are what but eventually it will all seem normal. Nothing too special about the graphics, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great game.


So this game is £6.99 or your regional equivalent. With a lot of content to keep you attracted for hours on end and a fun co-op system, I would rate this game 78/100.

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