Yes, this is indeed Speedy, not Milo, writing this; as you may have guessed – unless you’re a new reader – as for the fact that Nintendo is in the title. And yes, indeed, there are many Nintendo games to be excited for in the coming months — at least for me.

First and foremost, I reckon, is Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. It’s one of the numerous 3DS games announced at E3, and I think it’s the one I’m most excited for. It looks absolutely fantastic. At first, when it was announced in the Digital Event, I thought it looked pretty neat, but that was all; but then I looked into it further through the glorious thing that is Nintendo Treehouse and I realised it really did look amazing. It’s a new Mario & Luigi game, and effectively also a new Paper Mario game at the same time; even though these are two game series I haven’t ever previously bought a game from, I thought a mixture of the two would be really cool. And it does look it: a great RPG with classic Mario platforming stuff thrown in and fast paced real time action sequences that look more exciting than any real time action I’ve either seen or played in the past. So it’s a game with a whole lot of promise and definitely one I want: I recommend that you look it up if you haven’t before, because it really does look like a delightfully fun and unique game.

What’s this? Two Marios?!

Now, moving on to… Uh… Which one next? The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes. This game looks like it will rekindle the spirit of Four Swords and better it with elements from the critically acclaimed Link Between Worlds and a more silly fun sort of feel to it; and I think it will be a fantastic first Zelda game for me to buy. I always like a good bit of co-op and I would really like to actually dedicate to a Zelda game for once, and I think this game is the one to do that — it really does look like fun!

Hmm… Was stacking on top of each over really necessary?

Next, a game that got Nintendo fans across the world and trolls alike filling up comment sections with hate towards Nintendo: Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I don’t personally care for the whole “this isn’t the Metroid game we wanted” charade, as I think this game looks brilliant. Metroid is another game franchise that I’ve never owned a game from, and I think Federation Force looks like the first one I’ll be getting. It looks like great fun, and a new game to play multi-player – online or local – and it looks like a game nothing like anything else in my 3DS library; and whether it’s blast ball (which I’ve been forced to love by Rocket League) or the FPS mode, it looks unique and fun. Also, having a good game to play online is always good. So, yeah, I’m very excited for this one, and you should probably be too.

Yes! Kill them! Kill them all! No, I mean not them all! No! Don’t kill your teammates!

Chibi-Robo! Ziplash has to be the next game I’ll talk about. This game sees the return of a once great game series and in pretty darn cool fashion: in a 2D platformer (one of my favourite game genres) which interestingly only uses Chibi-Robo’s plug thing, running and jumping. It looks like a unique and pretty fun game to get, and I’ll most likely get it at some point.

The amiibo makes him go gold?! I’m getting that!

And one last 3DS game I want to give a mention is Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure. I’ve never really played Dr. Mario, but this new one somehow gets me at least a little bit excited. I’d like to get it for cheap for some Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine sort of fun and just as another game to play.

A bomb, eh? Use it wisely.

Now, for Wii U games, I only feel inclined to mention them to feed on, you, the reader’s excitement – however sinister it sounds – as I don’t find myself any more than quite excited about them as I don’t actually own a Wii U. But what the hey, here they are:

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is the upcoming Wii U game I am looking forward to the most because I will actually be able to play it through its multi-player; and I can’t wait to play it. I love Mario Tennis and all the Mario sports games to date, and they’re always a joy to play alone or with others. This is probably the most excited I’ll be for a game I won’t be playing single player, and I hope you’re excited for it too! And, over anything else, it just looks like a good game.

It’s very, very nice looking too!

And one more Wii U game, Star Fox Zero. Of course I have to mention this in an article like this: it’s Nintendo’s big new game. It looks damn good too, whether the graphics look relatively basic or not. I won’t be playing this game most likely, but I’m exceedingly happy that Star Fox is back.

To be honest, the graphics look good in this screenshot. But who cares about graphics?! Star Fox is back!

Other games that might get people excited are:

Fire Emblem: Fates

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Hyrule Warriors: Legends

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

And that’ll be all!

– Speedy.

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