Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2016 – Milo

Even though we've got a good few more films to gobble up this year (Star Wars, Spectre etc.), there is a lot to look foward to in the f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-future. We've got returning characters, new characters, cash-ins, cash-outs, sequels to films we can barely remember and films that we know nothing about. What I'm about to do is I'm going to…Read more Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2016 – Milo

The Martian (2015) – Review

This wasn't really on my "I have to watch this movie immediately or I will start biting things" list. However, if hadn't seen it, I wouldn't be writing this review. So just assume that I've seen it, kay? Gosh, don't have to take such a 'tude with me. Okay, let's start with the story. The…Read more The Martian (2015) – Review

Soilwork – The Ride Majestic (2015) Review

A Majestic Ride. Soilwork are a fantastic metal band with a fantastic singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer; and in this album they all showed off what they can do. Yes, The Living Infinite was an incredible album, but I think The Ride Majestic is perhaps an even better one. Bjorn "Speed" Strid really is good…Read more Soilwork – The Ride Majestic (2015) Review

Sonic the Hedgehog: A History and an Angry Message

Guess who! Speedy! I'm a big Sonic fan, if you didn't know, and I love most of the games in the franchise - as you may have guessed as there were two of them in my top ten games and one in my top ten handheld games. Whether it's Megadrive Sonic, Dreamcast, Gamecube or PS2…Read more Sonic the Hedgehog: A History and an Angry Message

Super Mario World (SNES, 1990) – Review

Ah! Another review! Finally. Sorry about the lateness, I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (mostly school and, umm... not much else). But I’m back, Babeh!  As you probably don’t know, I joined this site for one main reason, retro gaming! I love retro gaming mostly because, when I was younger, we couldn’t afford the next…Read more Super Mario World (SNES, 1990) – Review

The Shining (1980) – Review

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! When reading this, please read that "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!" with a varying tone and pitch, like a ghost. I could of just said like a ghost, couldn't I? Oh well... It's not Halloween yet but don't get your [insert slutty halloween costume here] in a twist! If you're like me, you don't go scrounging for sweets in costumes.…Read more The Shining (1980) – Review

Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy

Do you know anyone of the mindset that handheld consoles suck/are for kids only? Well, if you do: first thing tomorrow, punch them in the back of the head. Or, if you are one, punch yourself in the back of the head. Now, I love a good handheld console myself and I spend many hours…Read more Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PS3/Xbox 360) Review

I apologise in advance for a very long review, but, in attempt to get away with it, I'll call it in depth. Pro Evolution Soccer is a game series that has been one of the big dogs, but now it's one of the smaller dogs trying to be a big dog again. But there's a pesky FIFA…Read more Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PS3/Xbox 360) Review

Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review

"Sweaty mammoth balls rock" This album was one I got as a present, after only hearing one song by them. I loved the song I heard, and you wouldn't be wrong in thinking I was very pleased with getting it. The song I'd heard was Lay Down. Lay Down, on, I believe one of the…Read more Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review

Now You See Me (2013) – Review

Remember this? Course you don't! Who would? Well, I did, actually. So I feel completely comfortable looking down on those who don't remember this film, or those who didn't care in the first place, with a creditable amount of smugness and punchability. However, let's stop being silly billys. You probably do you remember this film, though faintly.…Read more Now You See Me (2013) – Review