More than just brown.

I played Gunman Clive back in the last year or two, and it was a pretty good game, albeit small. But yeah, I enjoyed it and it was a good platformer – especially for just over two quid. So I thought I’d get the second one, see if it could, even, be a better game. And I’m glad to say it is. A lot better.

Firstly, it’s a longer game. The first only took me about two hours to play through, so, you know, it was pretty short; but that was alright because it only cost be a couple of quid. But, yeah, the sequel took me about five hours to complete: with more stages, bosses and continents to play through. And that makes the game all the more worth it to buy, for the same sort of price I did for the first one.

Consequently, it’s got a lot more content, and with that variety. The level design is more complex, and there are 3D stages every now and then – which are actually great fun – and, as well as those, there are stages in which you ride on various animals’ backs throughout. Also, there’s colour! Not just the dull brown that was all over the first game; there’s purple, red, green and orange as well: and that’s good.

Never saw this one coming, didja!

Furthermore, the gameplay is different depending on where you are in the game. At first it’s like the first game but with different colours, but then as you travel further through the game it changes — for the better. In South America, I think, there are dinosaurs all over the joint; which gives the world a whole load of gameplay variety: using the dinosaurs for the benefit of gameplay, and making it more challenging. There’s also gravity things scattered around the game, and there’s a winter world, which wasn’t in the Gunman Clive at first. But, yeah, there’s a load of variety in the game and every world, stage and boss offers new gameplay opportunities.


Looks difficult.

They’re hard. Like, I mean, really hard. But that’s a good thing. It means for a lot more challenge – and therefore fun in my eyes – and yet more variety — because every boss is different and offers new gameplay stuff. And that’s cool.

Oh yeah! One last thing, it sounds great: with authentic sound effects and a good soundtrack.


Gunman Clive 2 is bigger, better and harder than its predecessor, with improved variety, gameplay and design – and more colours than just brown. But, most of all, it’s a great 2D platformer and one certainly worth four-five hours of your time.

This game is worth a lot more than 2 quid, at least.

So I give it: 82/100.

– Speedy.

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