Howdy folks, this is Speedy. For those British people who come across this site I’m sure you’ll be aware that today is November 5th, and a day that I see no reason why it should ever be forgot: good ol’ bonfire night.

It’s every Englishman, Welshman or Scott’s favourite day to crack out the fireworks and start a massive fire. Or, well, it’s certainly my favourite.

I’ve always loved bonfire night, and all that comes with it. It’s the UK’s, probably, most loved tradition and one that is celebrated for such an odd reason that it should be liked just for that. Its quirkiness makes it special, and so does its brilliant British-ness; and each little thing whichever bonfire night you go to does to make it extra special (soup and hot dogs are at mine).

Getting together with people you know – or just some random people who happened to think to attend the same bonfire night as you do – in the cold, crisp evening surroundings of November 5th stood in front of a comedically large fire and a collection of fireworks is truly special.

So please remember, remember the 5th of November; and have a good time tonight! Oh, but not if your from another country… Sorry! But this is just for us.

Sorry, just for us!

What shall we do with Guy Fawkes? Burn him!

– Speedy.

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