Seven PS4 Games I Want – Speedy

I’m a fan of Sony’s PlayStation line of consoles, and have spent many a hundred hours on the PS2 and the PS3 (namely the PS3). There are reasons, though, that I spend so much time on them rather than its Nintendo or Microsoft counterparts. Well, firstly, every Nintendo console to date is already in my house, it’s just they aren’t mine personally, so I don’t use them for their single player compatibilities, and rather I do that with the handheld consoles, and get my fair share of the multi-player experience the Nintendo home consoles offer. With the Xbox, they are in my house as well, but aren’t mine and don’t offer anything for me other than Halo, really.

However, with Sony, their consoles have an abundance of fantastic exclusives on offer, and a design that suits me. With the PS4, however, it is too expensive at the moment (which is annoying), and I don’t have one. But… When I do eventually get one there are a few games I want for it — desperately, you might interpret.

Need for Speed Rivals

Racing games are always good fun: and there essential for any home console library. Now, Need for Speed is probably one of the best racing game franchises; and Most Wanted is a great game. I hear Rivals is a similar sort of game to Most Wanted, and some say it’s better; so I think if I get this on the PS4 there’s a possible 20 hours+ of racing fun and stupid police chases.

However, you may be thinking this choice is silly because there’s a new, shiny Need for Speed game. … But I reckon Rivals looks a better game, and it’s cheaper. So there you go.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is one of those games that keeps getting delayed; one day it’s coming at the end of the year, the next day it’s coming next February, and the third day it’s been cancelled. However, I’m trusting ICO to release this game at some point: and I can’t wait for the day it does come. I’ve never really played a game like this one’s looking like it will be: one that focuses on the overall experience of the player, with the environments and storytelling stealing the show. So it’ll be interesting to play it, and I honestly can’t wait for what looks a fantastic game.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

There are so much raving reviews for Uncharted, and there must be a reason so much people are into it as much as they are. I’ve wanted to play Uncharted for a while now; it looks like Indiana Jones, but in a game — so who can argue with that!? Well, I suppose some people could argue with that if it was a bad game, but since people haven’t it must be good, I figure — but, oh! I don’t need to guess from that! Because it looks a fantastic game anyway: exciting, dynamic third-person shooting/platforming at its best. And if I do end up getting a PS4 next year, it will be all lined up and convenient for me to play Uncharted on that: all in one package.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter, eh? You mean Ridiculously Difficult: the Game, don’t you? Nope. This isn’t for the light-hearted, I know, but I reckon I’ll be ready for this newest installment of the Ridiculously Difficult series when it comes. I liked Super Ridiculously Difficult 3D Edition, but I didn’t put enough time into it. But now I’d say I’m a little bit more experienced when it comes to hard games, and somehow I’m very excited for Street Fighter V – not Ridiculously Difficult V, that game is coming out in 2018, I think.

Also, I think I like the new style:

Wait. Put some more clothes on!


Ah. This is when some of you leave. Never fear, there’s more “proper games” to come! If your one of those people into the whole “every football game is exactly the same and I hate them” thing, just scroll down. Anyway, I love football games, and have for a good few years now. Even though I’ve spent far, far too much time being glued to them – almost unwillingly at times; they’re fantastic and won’t ever get old for me — as long as I can manage Tottenham on Career Mode or Master League. Master League!? Yep. I like PES as well, and the last two football games I’ve owned have been PES; however, I’m pretty sure I prefer FIFA for all its licensing and realism, and I’ve been missing it in the last couple of years (when playing PES): so I really want a new FIFA game… And FIFA 16 is the one to get — but not only because it’s the newest one! I’ve played it a fair amount although I don’t own it, and it’s probably the best football game I’ve ever played; so I want it by default.

Ratchet & Clank

Man, am I excited about this. Man, oh man, oh man. MAN. I can’t wait. Ratchet & Clank is one of my favourite game series, and A Crack in Time is my second favourite game of all time; so I can’t not be excited for the new one, really. Nonetheless, if it looked bad I wouldn’t be excited for it… But saying the word “bad” in the context of this Ratchet & Clank game seems like blasphemy based on what I’ve seen of it so far. Seriously, it looks incredible. Like, A Crack in Time incredible, possibly. There seem to be some great new features, interesting level design, FLYING BITS and, most of all, incredible visuals, as you can see:

Nice lookin’.

Star Wars Battlefront

Really? More Star Wars? Disney are really going for it, aren’t they. Oh well, it’s okay, because I LOVE STAR WARS. When I say “love”, I mean, like, really love; as in, it’s probably my favourite franchise — of anything. And that’s saying something, because I love some pretty good stuff. Yes, Star Wars is the cream of the crop, the best of the lot, the bee’s knees. The best. However, in game form Star Wars has never reached the heights of any of my top ten games lists or top 25; they instead fall into the depths of good games, but, you know, not the best. Nevertheless, I think Star Wars Battlefront can go up to those heights, if everything is done right, and I can get addicted to it like I do football games. And I think it will do that.

Alright, I’m no more excited about this game than Ratchet & Clank; but all the Star Wars lore in the game and the chance for a new addictive game to replace football games makes me more excited for it than every other game. The soundtrack seems to be perfect, and the atmosphere and design and everything seems perfectly Star Wars-y; and all in a ridiculously huge online shooting game. Actually, you know, I might be excited for this even more than Ratchet & Clank. Because I really can’t wait to shoot some storm troopers.

This isn’t just any shooting game. (sorry about the logo, but the picture’s too good)

– Speedy.

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