Joker (2008) – Sub-Review

Holy moly! What’s this, eh? A Sub-Review? What in the bleedin’ ‘ell is that? Check the About page, you’ll find it there? For those who are too lazy to check the about page, a Sub-Review’s pros come threefold;

1. Increases Frequency of Uploads

2. Concise and compounded (translation: short)

3. I don’t have to write too much!

So there, as you can see, are the very, very good reasons why you should be in a state of jubilation concerning this addition. Now, let’s review some stuff.

You know in my Top Ten Comic Book Movies, where I said that The Dark Knight was like a serious crime thriller? Yeah, this is the graphic novel equivalent to that. A recently released convict accompanies the recently released Joker on his que– mission, quest sounded a bit too mystical, on his mission to reclaim his territory and control over Gotham from a few other familiar faces. Like The Dark Knight, this isn’t an “Oh! Look! A Batman Comic! That’ll be a nice, light read!”. This is a very mature graphic novel with a very mature storyline. Don’t let that stop you though, it is very engaging, leaving you glued to it until you finish. This is a book you have to read in one concentrated session, and it will be one you’ll want to re-read, oh yes.

Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup!

The artwork is some of my favourite ever, this is including Scott Pilgrim and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. As you can see by the mandatory picture above, the shading is particularly angular, one of my favourite aspects of it, as it is unlike most other art styles. The colour palette is also very dull and not very vibrant, adding to the atmosphere of a sleazy city. The lighting also adds to this with a lot of reds, oranges and brown, eliciting to sex and violence, some of the major themes in this book. Lee Bermejo, you have succeeded in life.

Overall, this is one of the most engaging and unique comics in the Batman library and is definitely worth a read.


Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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