Firstly of all, a Happy New Year! to all those reading this between the 1st and 5th of January, if you are reading this at any other time, have a nice day, I guess.

Secondly of all, you may be thinking “What the hell is this absolute crap?” and you could not be more justified for thinking that. In answering to your question, person sitting at laptop, this is hopefully, if I can be bothered to and if I don’t deem it terrible, give up on it and delete all evidence that it ever existed, a monthly series, if you will, to give me more of an incentive to write for you lovely people.

Because I alternate between only a few songs in a month, I would like to make sort of a record of what I’ve listened to. Keep in mind that not a lot of this is new or even new to me, it’s just the songs I’ve listened to the most throughout December.

st cec

Around the end of November, Foo Fighters, whom you may remember are, in my feeble and uneducated opinion, the best band that does music, (no, there isn’t a poorly placed link to my top ten bands that do music, bet you feel stoopid now.) released a free E.P. dedicated to the fans and victims of the Paris attacks entitled Saint Cecilia. I was obviously straight on the download for this little five track beauty, with Iron Rooster being an exception, because it sorta sucks. In particular, I have been listening to the title track, Saint Cecilia. The song mixes their new southern rock sound with the sound that they have been perfecting for twenty years now. As well as this, the E.P. also boasts songs like Sean and The Neverending Sigh, both fast paced and awesome.

Straying not too far from Foo Fighters, I have also listened to Queens of the Stone Age a lot lately, in particular the tracks Everybody Gonna Be Happy and Smooth Sailing. I had recently appreciated Everybody Gonna Be Happy after re-listening to Songs For The Deaf, one of the best rock albums ever put to disc. If you love what Queens of the Stone Age do and literally NOTHING else, chances are you won’t like this song. It sounds more like The Beach Boys with a QOTSA twist, with a surfer riff and fast paced drums.

smooth sailing

Also, you may have noticed, I mentioned Smooth Sailing, from QOTSA’s most recent album, 2013’s Like Clockwork. From the get-go, there is an obvious stoner influence, one of Josh Homme’s strengths as a songwriter. There is a laidback feel throughout as well as some killer guitar solos and, of course, Homme’s instantly recognizable vocals. On top of that, the video is a bunch of drunk Japanese businessmen.

zipper down

Keeping the Josh Homme trend flowing, Zipper Down, the fourth studio album by Eagles Of Death Metal, also came out last year and I listened to the lead single, Complexity, more than any other song last month. There is just something about it, whether it’s the vocals, the lyrics, the guitar solos, the trumpets or the video, but there is definitely a certain “quality” that makes it particularly infectious and pulls me back just when I think; “Do you know what? I’m getting a bit sick of that song.” and listen to and love it all over again.

Finally, as a complete break off to the lovely link I had going, Muse. I got into Muse last month. The only real reason I hadn’t listened to them sooner is because I hated Matthew Bellamy and his stupid face so I tried to avoid it whenever possible. This prevention came to end when I realised that I didn’t have to look at him if I was listening to Muse on my phone. I know it took me an awfully long time to realise that, but I’m surprisingly slow, just ask Speedy. So far, I have only listened to Origins of Symmetry and, in particular, Plug-In Baby. Though Matthew Bellamy still annoys me with his voice, I am very fond of their use of distorted guitar effects.

Hopefully, I can pull this off into some sort of series, but you never know. I’ll probably end up abandoning this entirely, then again that’s what I said about this site as a whole. I guess you’ll just have to hang in suspense.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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