Remember these? Probably not, I haven’t done a proper one of these since August or summit. Oh well, I’m doing one now and that’s all that matters, right?

Batman, oh Batman. I like you and would fight anyone who disagrees with me, because there isn’t anything not to like about Batman. However, if there was anyone better than you, Batman, it would be The Joker, because he’s mental, and mental is entertaining, or mentaltaining, thank you, thank you.

Usually, we see Joker’s mentaltainment in the form or harmless pranks, like poisoning the water supply, blowing up hospitals or taking over and ruining a perfectly good mental hospital. However, in Death of the Family, Joker makes it personal. “It? What do you mean, it?” I hear you uncontrollably scream at your computer, knocking over the various artifacts and knick-knacks that litter your desk, like that small, porcelain elf or, DAMN IT!, you smashed the decorative urn that contained the ashes of your beloved pet Japanese Fighting Fish, Anderson, may he rest in peace, now how are you going to sell it for the money to buy that sweet, sweet lampshade shaped like a psychedelic cantaloupe that caught your eye in the window of that old, old Swedish antique shop on your way to that gala? Hmm? HMM? HOW?!

Ah, I haven’t had a good ramble like that since my The Shining (1980) – Review. Ah, that takes me back, to October, in particular. Those were days.

Anyway, what was I talking about? oOOOOooOOoOOOooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOh yes, Joker making things personal, NO, I remember, what was “it”? Well, I’ll tell you “it” is things, events, happenings.

Crap! I’ve written 289 words and not one of them was about the actual comic, better start now…

As I found out, explaining Death of the Family’s plot is no easy feat. So I’ll try to keep it snappy.

Joker has no face.

Joker disappears for a year.

Joker steals his face back from GCPD. (don’t ask why they have it)

Joker F’s things up, rather royally, might I add.

Now, I’m going to start saying what I actually think about the comic, instead of making some sort of car crash of arbitrary plot and rambling that me past few reviews have been, don’t think I don’t know…

Though slightly convoluted, the plot is extremely engaging and sort of disturbing, which is just how I like my Joker served. Moreover, as always, The Joker’s dialogue is absolutely spot on, mixing comedy with “Oh my God, did he really just say that?” moments throughout. Indeed, at some points, I did definitely wince at some of the despicable actions Joker was accused of. Additionally, Scott Snyder does quite a successful job incorporating a variety of other villains, such as Two-Face, The Penguin and The Riddler, as well as Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl. The story leads you along by a metaphorical leash as you get closer and closer to the grand finale and, boy, is it grand…

Now for the bit that I enjoy writing and I’m pretty sure NO one enjoys reading, the arty bit!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this may be some of my favourite artwork put to a comic book, K? Criticize me, because I’m probably wrong. However, right now, in my Joker tinted eyes, I am a very big fan of this artwork. Particularly, I am a fan of how The Joker is drawn differently to the rest of the characters, with his lines being drawn more haphazardly than the rest and his colours being a lot brighter. I also like how he changes in each act, becoming more and more unstable would probably be a good word to describe it. Like most Batman graphic novels, the landscapes are undoubtedly brooding and dark and moody and other adjectives like that.

Like Mars Attacks Judge Dredd, this has an absolutely awesome selection of covers, each one dark, disturbing and, in most cases, deliciously graphic. I don’t think words can do them justice, so here is one to think about while you go to sleep;


Happy Nightmares

Overall, this is one of the best Batman comics out there, definitely the best out of The New 52 that I’ve read. The story is engaging, the characters are different but good and the art is just divine, if you can use that word to describe it.





Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations




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