First off, there’s gonna be a new writer coming in the next couple of weeks, presumably. His name is Cam, and he likes Fallout, as far as I know. Oh yeah! He also likes a fair amount of animes, including ol’ Attack on Titan, I’m pretty sure. He’ll do anime reviews and make that a new category, to add some more variety to the site (which is already amazing, obviously. Mark.).

Also, Speedy taint Speedy anymore, his name is Reuben. No, my name is Reuben. Basically, I can’t go on by the name Speedy, it’s ruining me – other than on games and that, that’s alright.

Another thing is I’m adding pictures to the About page, so thank me for that.

One last thing, we’ll be posting a best things of the year article soon-ish, so get excited for that. Please.

Speedy Reuben.

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