Soundgarden – Superunknown (1994) Review

Chris Cornell has been involved in various things through the years, and before this point the only one of his projects I'd listened to was Audioslave. Admittedly, Audioslave is a fantastic one if any to start on; but based on how good Superunknown is I think it's got some competition. The album starts very strongly…Read more Soundgarden – Superunknown (1994) Review


Lately, I've been rather successful, like-wise, on my Creed, Akira and Goosebumps reviews, for us anyway, prompting me, obviously, to smear it all over Reuben's face like Utterly Butterly. However, today, the streak will most likely tragically end, because I'm about to get alienating, unreasonably detailed and just plain stupid on yo' asses. On the…Read more Why The Equalizer (2014) DVD Cover Is EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD

Submarine (2010) Sub-Review

Another film review!? Yes, indeed; this time of Richard Ayoade's Submarine. Both a comedy and an emotional rollercoaster, this film knows what its doing. Made up of a cast largely unheard of and a small budget, it isn't exactly a blockbuster. The film is helmed by Craig Roberts, as the main character Oliver Tate, a…Read more Submarine (2010) Sub-Review

Ahh! Purple?

Yeah. That's right. The background isn't red anymore. That was too intense. It made reading a bit difficult, gave people eye strain; including yours truly, Reuben. Milo didn't care, but I guess I'm a more considerate person. He might kill me for that, but I'm not gonna live in fear like he's Genghis Khan or…Read more Ahh! Purple?

Games Used To Be Better

In recent years, games have been all about their size, online and money making capabilities. There are countless examples as games are often made with a wider, popular franchise in mind, which can attract large audiences of game-players; putting gainings above creativity, size above gameplay, and  online over most things else -- in a world…Read more Games Used To Be Better

Zoolander 2 (2016) Review

Howdy, this is Reuben. You know, the one who's better than Milo. I remember Zoolander. I'm sure a lot of other people do as well. It was alright. Stupid comedy, with Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and the rest. Not a special film. They enjoyed making it though, so they decided to make a sequel. I…Read more Zoolander 2 (2016) Review

Goosebumps (2016) – Review

Sup, I'm Milo. For those new to the site, you might think "Who the hell is this schmuck?" because I'm a lazy so-and-so. Two weeks! Two weeks! Two weeks I've left you in the sorta capable hands of Reuben and his.. um.. music stuff. However, you can stop smashing up your computers due to the…Read more Goosebumps (2016) – Review

Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

Top Five!? That's like, half the number that's normal! Is this a Top Ten? What's going on??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Never fear, dear readers. This is Reuben speaking, and yes, you can do basic maths. I'm saying it's a Top Ten, so suck on that. I can't be bothered to make a whole new "Top Five" category, because,…Read more Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

My Hero Academia – Volume 1 (Kōhei Horikoshi) Review

I hadn't even heard the name My Hero Academia before I noticed this manga in Waterstones. However, it's refreshing art style and nice looking cover meant I couldn't resist giving it a try. I don't know if I'm the only one, but the art style reminds me a lot of the Digimon Movie (which is…Read more My Hero Academia – Volume 1 (Kōhei Horikoshi) Review