Audioslave were a fantastic band. They didn’t only make their first album, which I gave 92/100, they also made a couple more. This, Revelations was their last record, and not too far off the first album’s quality.

With a faster pace, and a whole lot more funkiness, it’s proper leg-jig provoking stuff. The first song, the title track, shows that emphatically, albeit after a little intro, as a brilliant riff kicks off the record. It’s definitely different from other Audioslave, as the band entered uncharted territory through much faster tempo music, with more walking bass and such. Nonetheless, it sounds great, if a little less chunky. However, the music has the potential to bring back that chunkiness, as occasional power-chord filled breakdowns prove. The first track has brilliant qualities, along with every other song on the album.

It’s not all new sounding stuff, anyway; Sound of a Gun sounds like it’s been taken from Out of Exile. That song, along with every other song on the album, gets the riff, the hook, the melodies all right; as the prominent bass constantly carries along the music with its quicker pace — why I find my legs jigging so much. Other things the album nails are the guitar work, as always, through the genius, Tom Morello, and the vocals, also as always, through another genius, Chris Cornell. If there’s something the album doesn’t get totally right, though, it’s that for me, I would have liked it to be a little bit more heavy; but I’ll be biased because I’m used to metal.

In conclusion, Revelations wasn’t Audioslave’s very best music on display, but not at all far off. It’s ridiculously funky and leg-jig provoking, as the band explored faster paced music, which does sound different to older Ausioslave. However, it’s not all different, as Sound of a Gun and Somedays prove, for example. In short, without all the nonsense I’ve been spewing: it’s gert good. Also, Jewel of the Summertime is too damn catchy.




– Reuben.

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