Another film review!? Yes, indeed; this time of Richard Ayoade’s Submarine. Both a comedy and an emotional rollercoaster, this film knows what its doing.

Made up of a cast largely unheard of and a small budget, it isn’t exactly a blockbuster. The film is helmed by Craig Roberts, as the main character Oliver Tate, a geeky 15-year-old who goes to a state school in Swansea and lives with his mother and father as an only child. The film’s beginning leads you into thinking the film is a comedy, but as it progresses the comedy becomes more and more a thing on the side, as the story, drama and emotion totally kicks in.

This works, as the balance between comedy and drama is pretty much perfectly struck – although a little more comedy would work. Both sides of the film are fantastically written and directed by Richard Ayoade, with unique cinematography and a fantastic script along with some quirky aspects such as the use of parts in the film, and different colours between scenes depending on the mood — red in part one signalising Oliver Tate’s excitement and confusion and blue in part two to show that the emotion is kicking in. Or at least that’s what I gathered. It’s a clever idea but I’m not sure it’s one that benefits the film itself, rather sets itself apart from others more. It is indeed a very unique film, and a clever one; and it does to a good job setting itself apart from just about anything else.

Filled with fantastic performances, namely Craig Roberts, well-written comedy and drama, likable characters, a gripping plot and interesting quirks, this film is proud to be British, and it’s great. Nonetheless, it’s probably not for everyone, and a little more comedy would have been nice.




– Reuben.

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