You’re thinking Stuff and That’s becoming an anime/manga appreciation site now, aren’t you. Well, never fear, One-Punch Man is actually badass and there’s gonna be a couple of non-Japanese entertainment related posts to come in the next few days – so don’t be gettin’ all “This site’s not for me” on us.

One-Punch Man is actually amazing, rather than DanMachi, which just looks like “beeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwbs!”. I couldn’t care less about that rubbishy looking Shonen Jump anime, I prefer crazy cool stuff like One-Punch Man, which is, oh wait… Forget about that Shonen thing I said. Actually, if Shonen only published things like this and One Piece, I’m sure its reputation would be much better than it is; but, for now, all the haters can gather round and say how terrible they are because Fairy Tail and Naruto and DanMachi and so on are awful in their biased opinions. Anyway, One-Punch Man is actually amazing.

Starting literally with an explosion, this manga knows what it’s doing. With an instantly likable – and not generic like that DanMachi crap (sorry Cam) – art style, fantastically dynamic action and great, varied character design, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it even slightly. The ridiculously simple design of Saitama, One-Punch Man himself, paired with the deliciously detailed ‘monster’ designs underlines the comic’s feel in one (well, not one, most) page(s).

Vaccine Man got owned.

The array of villains is incredible, although they’re all cameo guess stars in what is One-Punch Man’s quest for a proper fight — that he doesn’t end in just one punch. Unlike quite a lot of Shonen manga nowadays, this one has motivation, back stories and spot on humour. Whereas Fairy Tail (of which has gone down in my estimation since I gave it 76/100) is just “Hi, I’m Lucy. LOOK AT MY BOOBS OR I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Angry face]”, this ol’ thang is actually very funny, and also original. Entertainment wise, One-Punch Man is possibly the best manga I’ve ever read.

What I love about the manga most is how gloriously silly it is. It’s full of stupid jokes, and Saitama’s finishing of every super-powered monster in one punch perfectly symbolises the book’s comic nature in how ridiculous it is.

Nevertheless, it isn’t quite all good. There is a little bit of poor translation – I can’t read Japanese, ya dingus – and that crazy mosquito women near the end isn’t that great — Although… I think she and the cyborg guy may be micky-takes on your average manga, mosquito woman with her boobiness and generic design, cyborg guy with his blandness and overly-convoluted backstory, and then — oh wait. Saitama comes in he’s like “BAM!”, this isn’t your average mediocre manga! Even though I get what ONE was thinking with this bit, I think maybe there could have been something better in its place? Because those guys are the worst thing about the book.

The two dinguses in question.

Oh well. Everything else about One-Punch Man is spot on, to the very last punch. And did I mention how great the art is? Even that may not be the best thing about this crazy comic, because the comedy is out of this world when it comes to Shonens, or even manga in general.

Read this now.




– Reuben.

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