Rocket League (PS4/Xbox One): Hoops Mode Review

Howdy, this is Reuben, here to wash that horrible Purge taste out of your mouths. As you may know from when I have mentioned Rocket League before, I love it, so much so that I now regard it as one of my favourite games of all time - though I'm less sure it could break…Read more Rocket League (PS4/Xbox One): Hoops Mode Review

The Purge (2013) / The Purge: Anarchy (2014) – Sub-Reviews

Sup. I'm here for two reasons. A review and a shameless plug. Let's do the plug first (get that bit out the way, eh?) If you liked Reuben's Batman vs Superman review, though I wouldn't know why, you'll love my Batman vs Superman review. Traffic diversion successful. Now, for my bite-sized reviews. The Purge (2013)…Read more The Purge (2013) / The Purge: Anarchy (2014) – Sub-Reviews

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Reuben’s Review

I was writing this for IMDb originally but here you go anyway,  a better review of Batman v Superman for y'all asses -- and, oh wait! This is the 150th post! Hoorah for us. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has walked in the exact same direction as Man of Steel did, with too little…Read more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Reuben’s Review

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About the NX

Amid the rumour storm surrounding Nintendo's new console in the making, the NX as codenamed, I thought we'd shake things up with a lil' old list of things that we've gathered from people in the know (real, professional people) which are coming to this new exciting piece of hardware. These links have provided us with…Read more Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About the NX

Ex Machina (2015) Review

I missed this one in the cinema last year, and I'm glad I managed to watch it last night, because, well, I'll tell you as I write. Actually, no. I'll say it now. It's amazing. Ex Machina's small main cast showcases three superb performances, as none out of Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Greeson or Alicia Vikander's work…Read more Ex Machina (2015) Review

Sleepy Hollow (1999) – Review

Hello-- well jeezy-louizzy! We sure have had a good few video game posts lately, eh? Oh, and a Reuben did a crap top ten; like I'm one to talk. Oh, now that is what you call an obnoxious intro. I watched Sleepy Hollow last night, for no real reason. I didn't particularly want to see…Read more Sleepy Hollow (1999) – Review

Neat Games This Month (April 2016)

Howdy folks, this be Reuben. This'll be a new feature for this ol' website, hopefully becoming at least one person's resource for finding new games. I warn you, I may not write every post in this series, and unless they appear on PlayStation Plus I probably won't play them - although I can't talk on…Read more Neat Games This Month (April 2016)

Top Five Films To Watch For A Laugh – Reuben

When it's about 12pm and you're in a silly mood, I think the best thing to do is to provoke that mood and watch a stupid film. Now, whether you'd prefer a proper comedy movie like Shaun of the Dead or something not trying to be a comedy - or something trying to not be…Read more Top Five Films To Watch For A Laugh – Reuben

Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Shovel Knight was one of the few Kickstarter games that actually got funded and released during the Kickstarter frenzy a couple of years ago. Kickstarting games was an excellent way for indie developers to create games and grow as companies by collecting the necessary funds from the community. Many small and unknown developers saw this opportunity…Read more Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Street Fighter V (PS4/PC, 2016) Review

Editor's note: There's another new writer in town and shizzle's just got rizzle. This'll be called an in-depth review due to its length (for which the writer apologises), and he'll have a section on the about page soon. Hey, I’m David. I might be reviewing things for this site now if the grand dictators allow me…Read more Street Fighter V (PS4/PC, 2016) Review