This is Milo, being completely underqualified to write about this.

I love me some Chili Peppers, here’s a little proof, so imagine my excitement at the news of new music just two days ago.

At first, I was a bit wary due to the song’s title, Dark Necessities, which sounds like it could be a bit mopey and a bit boring. However, I still had complete faith that I was going to be aurally pleased, Just Because Dave Navarro was nowhere to be seen. I was also worried because I wasn’t too big on the last album, I’m With You, and it looked like it could be very similar to that.

When I listened to it earlier today, however, I found that my worries were put to rest, it was pretty damn good. The intro did concern me a bit, but when I heard an extremely funky bassline I was lulled into a very real sense of security, as the rest of the song didn’t disappoint. Anthony Keidis’ vocals were slightly rapped, not completely, but just enough. Moreover, whereas Reuben wasn’t too big on it, I found the cymbal-dominated drum work quite complimenting to the lighter feel of the track.

However, I didn’t write this post to lick balls, and I’m not gonna.

An issue that did carry over from I’m With You was the guitar work. Newbie Josh Klinghoffer just hasn’t taken my fancy yet, mainly because he has to fill John Frusciante’s big ol’ boots. I found the guitar didn’t take enough of the limelight during most of the song. I also thought the addition of the piano added an UNnecessary almost pop feel to it.

Because it’d be a bit stupid to give a song a score of 100, I’ll use Reuben’s lazy version and just say it’s pretty darn good.

With the song came the official announcement of the band’s new album, The Getaway, out in June. From the song alone, I predict that it might be a mixture of By The Way and the aforementioned I’m With You. The only thing left is a proper tour because, as much as I love them, I’m not camping in a field in Leeds, nope, no siree.

For more about the album, including track listing, click on this word: DINGUS

Reuben wanted more newsey articles, hopefully this does something to inform ya.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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