Milo sucks so I’m posting this, as ol’ Reuben, everyone’s least favourite ballbag (see some proof — and no, it’s not a real ballbag). Me ‘nd Milo did this sonnet as school work last year, and it just needs to be on the internet. Now, prepare for an intensely thought-provoking poem which jumps out of the screen, forcing thorough analysis. Don’t fret in your little cotton socks, and if Milo tells you he’ll lick you, do me a favour and don’t give him the pleasure; just read, and enjoy.

An Ode to my Love

Shall I compare thee to Princess Zorldo;

Though art more triforcing, and triforcing.

When rough winds do shake the Starfoxe world-o,

Sanic, collect the ring-a-ding-ding-ding.

So Dankey Kang can run more fastest,

And reveal his shining, intense, blue tint,

And Morio finishes the lastest.

Princess Petch will give him most helpful hint;

Lank will then gift Morio the best gift.

The gift will be a bucket of Tyrone.

Dankey Kang can Super Smash in the ‘Rift,

Morio shall give him his Sanic bone.

Yet, Yowsi wins Super Smash Mania.

I am Lonk from Pennsylvania.


Romantic? Exciting? Really, really weird? Take it as you will, I just thought I’d give you some good reading for once.

If you found the Easter egg here I’m very impressed. Also concerned, but that’s by the by.

Bringing redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


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