I got this game for my birthday and, to be honest, I didn’t expect much. However, it ain’t as bad as I initially thought it was. I wasn’t really aware there were awesome classes and stuff. I thought it was just another CS:GO and Call of Duty clone, but it turns out it’s actually really fun. Moreover, once you get used to multiplayer, you’re sorted.

The game doesn’t actually have a story, it has “Situations”, which are tutorials and easy missions. It reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront, mission-wise. In “Situations” (yes, the air-quotes are necessary), you can complete challenges to earn stars, which are completely, utterly, ABSO-FLIPPIN’-LUTELY useless. There’s also Terrorist Hunt, which are random missions where you you rek some AI scrubs. There are also other types of missions, like Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defusal. I genuinely hate most Terrorist Hunts, with a vengeance, a dirty, dirty vengeance. The reason being is the suicide bombers. I hate them. They are extremely resistant to bullets and take an age to kill. They also never stop chasing you until they blow up, which may take a while. So if you hear Vader-like asthmatic breathing, start sprinting ya’ lil’ booties off.

Like ALL THE GAMES, there is multiplayer, which is the best part of the game. However, does have some downsides. Well, not particularly the multiplayer itself, the vast majority of absolute dickheads playing it are the main problem. From teammates that kill your whole team then leave to people that vote to kick you for no reason, you won’t be making friends in this game. Moreover, some people are just really bad at the game, and that’s putting it lightly. A lot of the matches I get into the team mates that I get are simply awful,even, at times, making the game almost unplayable. If you play with a group of friends, it becomes a lot easier, however. Another slight issue there is with multiplayer is the glitches that haven’t been patched. Though not many people actually use them, there are glitch spots were you can become invincible and get underneath the map and be a right royal pain in the ass. I hope those are going to be fixed soon because they are game breaking.

Though game doesn’t really have a unique graphic style, or indeed very impressive graphics, it does have quite high detail. The miscellany that litter the map are all detailed quite well, which makes up for the quality. Beside who doesn’t love smashing plant pots like a motherbitch.


That is some hardcore parkour there.

The game is the most realistic shooter I’ve ever played, with the addition breach charges and other tactics. The Operators, or classes, all have unique abilities. In some cases this is unfortunately abused which can be game breaking, which obviously really sucks. People head glitching with Blackbeard or sitting in the corner with Montagne’s riot shield. The ability to rappel and breach is all genuinely really cool, but it is ultimately ruined by players playing in cheaty ways, like cheaty cheater. That’s more or less how you win a game, by playing like a complete scumbag. However, the problem with having to be a scumbag is you need to have a scummy Operator, always leading to a race to get the good Operators, leaving others to play as terrible Operators with terrible guns. Another annoyance with “one Operator per player system” is when people take your favourite Operator, then do terribly. The Operators in the game should really be more balanced, so that people aren’t always racing to get Thermite or Blackbeard, or, perhaps, the DLC Operators should just be changed. The DLC Operators are massively overpowered in contrast to the original Operators, stat-wise. Season Pass owners get all DLC Operators for free (if you can call it that), users without it are still able to get the Operators but it costs a lot, especially for a class in a game. I really hope there are more Operators that are going to be released as all the season pass has given me so far is 4 Operators, that’s literally it. I assume/hope there are going to be a couple more DLC coming out in the future.

The game itself feels rather unfinished, in fact. There needs to be some changes in stats, there many glitches, the matchmaking is terrible and Ranked Play is still in Beta. I’m not quite sure if the developers have just given up on the game or just don’t care that their brilliant game is being ruined by the community. I don’t want to complain all the way through this review, but it seems that’s how it’s gonna be. Moreover, the in-game prices are ridic. There are gun camos in the game for 25K renown(currency), with that much renown you can buy most of the Operators. Why the prices are so high just so that some colours are changed really baffles me. I’m not gonna lie the DLC Operators are pretty bad, not in stats but in speciality. There is literally nothing special about Buck. He’s just some dude that can use a couple of shotgun shells on his rifle. I hope they add an operator that can move completely silently, that’d be cool. That way players like me wouldn’t always be able to win because they can hear the location of their opponents. GET ON IT UBISOFT.

My final complaint is about Nitro cells. These things just need to leac. Get rid of them. Shield users suffer greatly because of Nitro cells. Nitro cells are basically a C4 that has a massive blast radius. Shield players can block bullets, but once someone throws a Nitro cell it’s game over, sonny. The only benefit that comes from a Nitro cell is that it is an easy way to kill window glitchers. I’d find Nitro cells alright if they weren’t an instant kill on shield players and it didn’t stick onto their riot shield.

Besides the many many issues I have said above, the game is alright. It’s good fun when you get decent team mates that aren’t terrible and don’t kill you. If there was a patch that fixed many of the problems in the game, I’d like it a lot more. But the players are really the problem with the game, in most cases your own team are a bigger threat than the enemy. If you like to play games like a scumbag or get really mad at a game, check this game out. However, in it’s current state, with no report system or patches, this sucker gets a:




Other thangs similar: Star Wars Battlefront, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier




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