“Shootin’ ‘Round Corners”


Three words to describe this movie’s schtick.

I watched this film expecting just that; some pretty bullet-play. However, I was pleasantly surprised by what I watched. Wanted could be described as The Matrix mixed with Kick-Ass, with the gun-toting action and unexpected amount of comedy.

The plot is desperate to be complex and convoluted but is pretty easy to get. There’s this group of assassins called The Fraternity (stupid name) who have been around for ages and take orders from a glorified tablecloth and a James McAvoy-type guy who hates his job, life etc. When someone attempts to assassinate this guy, Angelina Jolie comes in with some gun skills and they escape to The Fraternity’s hideout. It’s at this point it’s revealed that this guy’s dad was a master assassin and that he was killed by the same guy who tried to kill him.

I know the way I write isn’t exactly clear but trust me it’s pretty simple.

Anywho, this James McAvoyey fella learns he can shoot ’round corners and goes for some sweet, juicy revenge.

I hear you're good with guns

I hear you’re good with guns…

Funnily enough, the James McAvoy resembling guy is played by James McAvoy. At first, I found his American accent to be slightly disconcerting as I had mainly known him playing British roles up until now (Last King of Scotland, X-Men, etc.), but I soon got used to it. Angelina Jolie was pretty replaceable as her character, Fox (stupid name), but she didn’t bother really. Morgan Freeman played AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH SPOILERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS what turned out to be the baddie which was quite uncomfortable to watch because I don’t like it when he isn’t nice, especially when he said “motherflipper”, I felt like covering my own ears. OKAY YA SAFE NOW. Chris Pratt was also in it an unexpected turn as a douchebag, and brought a majority of the comedy with him, along with James McAvoy. Oh yeah, and Common did an acting as well.

As referred to before, there was an unexpected amount of comedy which shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise seeing that the source material was written by Mark Millar, who also wrote Kick-Ass and Kingsman. It seemed that the first half of the film was predominantly a comedy, with scenes at McAvoy’s office job being particularly chuckle worthy, as well as his constant narration throughout the film. This is, in particular, where Chris Pratt shined and Chris Pratt can instantly improve any film with his presence anyway.

However, some of the action was truly top-notch, good sir. The film featured some of the best shootouts, set pieces and car chases I’ve seen for a while, as well as showcasing enough blood to slap the film with an 18, very good. Especially seeing that I am more of a fistfight fella when it comes to me action, though it doesn’t really translate in my favourite movies. The final set-piece was particularly purty, as James McAvoy AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY SPOILERS NOW MATE storms the hideout and uses a variety of flips, spins and bullet-bendin’ to kick an extraordinary amount of arse. AAAAAAYYYYY Y’ALRIGHT NOW. Moreover, the car chase near the beginning was also spectacular, with a charming amount of crashing and gunfighting to remain lovely and interesting. I could comment on the car, but all I could say is that it was a nice colour.

Overall, Wanted was a wonderful lil’ surprise and a brilliantly entertaining film. It may not do anything new but everything it does it does well, mixing comedy and action brilliantly, focusing just the right amount on the comedy but predominantly on the spectacular set-pieces.




Other thangs similar: The Matrix, Kick-Ass, Salt

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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