Boobs, Blood N Comedy. This Thang’s Got It All.

I was looking forward to The Nice Guys and boy am I glad I saw it before it stopped being shown. It’s glorious.

It’s just great watching. Comedies are usually good fun (assuming they’re quality comedies and/or don’t star Melissa McCarthy), but The Nice Guys carries with it the aura of the funk, the sex, and the mystery – bringing everything to the max. It’s in-your-face in its ridiculous aesthetic, or simply its whole shtick, but perhaps what it does best is use quality comedy writing and acting to carry across a lot of stupid comedy, but not always straight into your schnoz comedy — as a lot of the jokes are down to clever writing and are a little more subtle. However, the best laughs in the film explode into your face, like the blood spurting out of March’s (Ryan Gosling) wrist and rotting corpses are thrown around. But although the film is full of stupid jokes, it is not totally stupid; as it revolves around a gripping plot that works wonders for the movie – keeping it going at all times. Therefore it is forgiven in the occasional moments where scenes are dragged on for slightly longer than necessary. Occasional.

It’s dangerous to point a gun at your own arm, you know.

The soundtrack also helps The Nice Guys, as it’s all funky-ass beats to fit the time period — although it’s unfortunate the Chili Peppers didn’t come up because it was calling for it. Of course, the boobs also help. And although Russell Crowe’s American accent is a little awkward, he and Ryan Gosling are a great pair for who are two deeper than you might think characters in March and Healey. Other cast members like Angourie Rice are also impressive in the film, and she, in particular, may help Milo to get along with child actors a little more (and no, Milo is not a pervert, he just doesn’t like child actors, and her performance was good so it could prove to him they’re not all bad).

In conclusion, from the very start I knew what I was in for with The Nice Guys. Stupid, fairly obscene, and really enjoyable watchin’. It could stand up as a classic comedy of this decade, even, and is the best new film I’ve seen this year so far. If you get a chance, watch this film. You probably won’t regret it.




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8 thoughts on “The Nice Guys (2016) Sub-Review

  1. This film had all of Shane Black’s signature trademarks and I enjoyed every second of it. I don’t think I liked it as much as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but it was still extremely entertaining and hilarious. There wasn’t any other film like it this year, which is why I consider it one of the best of 2016 so far. The chemistry was fantastic with Crowe and Gosling! I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel. Shane Black is easily one of my favorite filmmakers working today.


    • Ol’ Shane definitely did a good job with this one. Actually the first of his films I’ve seen, but I guess it’s a good one to start! There are so much great things about this film, definitely one of the best of 2016, yes.


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