They Killers Be Killed, Me Hearty

This be Reuben, matey. You know I said I’d do more album reviews in my Bedlam In Goliath Review, well, hopefully this is the start to more of them. I’ll probably go through my music library a bit and review some of the best and worst bits of it, in Sub-Reviews or full-blown Reviews, whatever. Anyways, Killer Be Killed is a supergroup made up of Brazilian metal legend of Soulfly and formerly of Sepultura Max Cavalera, Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders, Dillinger Escape Plan singer Greg Pucatio and Dave Elitch on the drums.

The album melds together a lot of influences from all bands represented, bringing all the affluent musicians’ energy together into one great metal sound. It can be brutal, chunky and catchy, as Troy Sanders, Greg Puciato and Max Cavalera all input vocals with each style into their own. In most songs, there are sections of hard-hitting Cavalera thrash metal, riffs not unlike Mastodon’s with Sanders’ trademark slap bass and the aggressiveness and energy of Pucatio’s Dillinger Escape Plan.

Each singer and musician does a solid job in the album, each contributing to the sound. Although Cavalera isn’t the most skilled guy around, his passion for the music can be heard, whilst the musicianship of Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch make up for Cavalera’s lack of great skill; Elitch’s drums stand out as being very impressive — and I mean very, it’s one of the best drumming performances in any album.

There are many highlights in what is a great listen in this metal powerhouse. Wings of Feather and Wax is a fantastic opener, Snakes of Jehova is chunky and cool as hell and Dust Into Darkness is damn catchy — therefore damn good. However, the slightly flat mix as well as a couple of weaker tracks do hold the record back a little, as at some points the contrasting musical styles start to fight with each other and the heavy sound doesn’t sound quite as good as it possibly could. Regardless, the majority of the album is quality listening and Killer Be Killed is instantly recommendable to any metal-head.




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