Yea. Boi. Today marks Stuff and That’s 1st Birthday and that’s a sorta kinda achievement, if I (Reuben) don’t say so myself, because it means we’ve reached a point where we can say, yeah, I guess we’re pretty dedicated to this website. I guess we didn’t abandon it after all! Hopefully, we never abandon this lil’ thang, because maybe one day we could get decent at actually writing. At the moment, though, thanks for the views ‘nd that, we’ll try our best!

Essentially what he said. Adding, of course, that I (Milo) am both proud and surprised that we’ve kept this going, seeing that I and Reuben are both pretty slackerish. It’s quite entertaining looking back at some of my past posts and seeing how much of an idiot I was, oh well. To celebrate this monumental occasion, Reuben and I are gonna do the weird facts ting we should’ve done in our Liebster Award. I guess I’ll leave you with a thanks to people that have read any of our things and haven’t wanted to die a painful death, and the prospect for yet another year of our crap.

Everything’s flippin’ bold in this article because it’s hard to read otherwise, I do appreciate.


My favourite film is Scott Pilgrim. It literally has everything I love about all the things.

I mean, they call me “too good”.

I haven’t killed a man since 1978.

Every P.E lesson I tell Milo to roll in the mud like a pig.

I have an odd fixation on the 80s. Everything down to the old reruns of Top Of The Pops is fair game.

Roll in the pig like a mud!

Oh wait.

I’ve seen things no man should ever see.

This Simpsons episode gave me nightmares, oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

But that TV show is pretty much the best thing.

I mainly listen to rock and it’s sub-genres, indie, grunge etc. I’m also partial to a bit of metal, 80s synth, old school hip-hop and 00s R&B.

The first music I listened to was By the Way by the Chili Peppers. I’ve listened to music since I was about 7 and I loved The Mars Volta way back when. Kinda weird, I guess.

Hitler is alive and living in Argentina with Elvis and a small, Indian man who works the streets under the pseudonym Lovin’ Redinus. I’ll have you know he was a kind and gentle lover.

I used to present my love of music in weird Mars Volta rip-offs ‘nd such sung in my back garden. I’ve actually got a CD of these ramblings.

I have the contrast on my television turned up full blast, same with the volume of my music. Sensory bombardment’s kinda my thing.

I’ve been to Timor-Leste at least 17 times.

I have been banned from Antigua for 32 years due to the distribution of ketamine and snowman pornography.

I’ve been known to use my nose as a hook, as well as my left ankle. The Indonesians did NOT approve.

I’m quite the comic book nerd. My favourite comics include Scott Pilgrim (again), The Killing Joke and Shade The Changing Man.

I was once proposed to by a naked mole rat that snuck into the Stuff and That Headquarters – which definitely exists — some weird crap goes on in here.

I love the word “dingus”. I dunno why.

Kentucky Fried Duck or Kentucky Fried Doughnuts? What’s your pick?

So yeah. As said before, cheers n that. See you next year.

It’s gotta be Duck.


Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


Bringing redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


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