Illumination are alright then?

Yo, this be Reuben. The Secret Life of Pets wasn’t a film I was either expecting to watch nor at all bothered to watch, but what the hey, it happened. Based on the fact the film was made by Illumination, I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, because Minions are the only things they can seem to do. Turns out this latest flick is alright, though.

Well, I thought after a mediocre Minion short that the film was going to be horrific, as the first two minutes are just a terrible song playing over New York – like that hasn’t been done before. However, the film made a swift climb to decent-ish quality, something that came as a pleasant surprise. The Secret Life of Pets follows the story of domestic dog Max and his struggles after his owner gets a new dog, Duke, and they get involved in some bunny revolution shizzle and they have to find their way home.

If this was a 15, you know that bunny would bludgeon at least one of the animals on screen.

The New York setting is used cleverly, as they are thrown around the city in various amusing encounters, involving escaping from the revolution shizzle’s underground base and running from the animal control-errers in a sausage factory. Surprisingly, there’s little breaking of anything such as the rule of three in the film, and there aren’t too many tacked on lines or dragging out of scenes – although these problems do appear sometimes. The voice acting, for the most part, is well delivered, and there is a likable cast of characters to carry the film along, although there are a couple of furry creatures who just got on my nerves. Max is a good protagonist also, as he’s well developed, likable and relatable in his troublesome journey. Moreover, the film’s got high quality animation, showing the skills Illumination possess.

However, there are a few clichés used in the film, like evil bunnies and cute dogs; unfortunately both go over-the-top – this aspect being the film’s biggest problem, making it feel that bit more like a dumb kid’s film. Also, there are some dud jokes, as expected, and timing isn’t always used to full effect.

Nonetheless, for the most part The Secret Life of Pets is pretty original, and possesses a fair bit of decent comedy. I mean, it’s not top class. It’s not laugh out loud throughout, but there are a fair amount of chuckles, and the film, overall, is a pretty pleasant watch and a decent movie for the family, if nothing special. I won’t go out of my way to watch this again, but I don’t regret watching it the first time.

It’s better than Despicable Me 2.




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