If you’ve been lucky enough to come on this glorious site multiple times, by which I mean please come on our site, you might’ve seen on our banner some pretty cool art. None of this is mine, Reuben’s or any of the other dingi found on Stuff And That. No, no, to do some of this stuff, you need talent, which none of us have. I find these various illustrations on the internet, as I am a huge appreciator of geek art. So, in light of my slight obsession with finding cool art, and to make up for the lack of credit given to a lot of the artists, I’d thought I’d do a top ten.

Before we start, we’re not confusing fan and cult art. These are done by proper artists, not your humdrum DeviantArt scum. If you ARE on DeviantArt, disregard that. I love you, please give me your traffic. I love you.

There will also be links to the respective websites to each artist, to make up for the lack of credit part.

10. Ryan Brinkerhoff


Owner of Bandito Design Co., Ryan Brinkerhoff dabbles in a varied amount of mediums, from shirt illustration to branding. I am a particular fan of the sharp, contrasting colours he uses and his overall simplistic approach to his work. Though not only a cult artist, this is where I know him from, obviously. That being said, after a quick glance at his portfolio, it seems that his branding work is very “in the trend” right now, with the aforementioned simplistic approach used to great effect. The design above is actually a postcard and is 1 in a set of 3. They’re all based on slasher movie locales, with the other two being Friday the 13th and Halloween themed. I really like the idyllic style that he presents here. Yes, I will be talking like this throughout this top ten, Reuben’s done a Secret Life Of Pets review under it though, so just skip it if you want.

Bandito Design Co.’s website – WIGGLE

Buy the design above – WOGONGLE

9. Dan Mumford

dan mumford

Oh what a bloody surprise! Milo picked the Ghostbusters one.

Kidding aside, the darker, more line-based works of Dan Mumford have enticed me since I first saw this piece when I was perusing for banner art. After seeing this, I was hooked into finding out more about him. Turns out he did a A Day To Remember album art, yay. Let’s put that in the “forget drawer”. Apart from that, the dark borders which are slashed up beautifully by the vibrant colour give his art a certain atmosphere, hmm. Though I did pick the Ghostbusters one because I love Ghostbusters, he has produced a variety of great pieces ranging from Mad Max to Star Wars to Iron Maiden.

Website – PLODDEN


8. Alex Solis

alex solis

This one’s a bit silly. Be that it may, the artwork of Alex Solis is wildly entertaining. Though a lot of his pieces follow the same structure as the one above, the great cartoonish visuals and especially background colour choice really make the figures in question pop. The two main galleries I’ve seen are Icons Unmasked, which has gained some sort of acclaim, and Famous Chunkies, which is another favourite. That being said, those are only two galleries in an extremely wide portfolio, with a variety of other pop art-inspired pieces, all of them awesome.

Website – FUDONKLE


7. Liam Brazier

liam brazier

Out of all of the artists on this list, you’ve probably seen the most of Liam Brazier. His cubism-inspired comic book and movie pieces have been plastered over so many free wallpaper sites it seems unfair. Nonetheless, his brilliant and ingenious use of shapes and angles to create truly recognisable figures of pop culture have made him known for a reason; they’re really good. Though I find his broader pieces featuring Spider-Man and Superman great, it’s his more cult movie inspired work which have landed him a place on this list. The thought that must go into making one of these, especially in the faces, is absolutely staggering. On top of that he is an animator, responsible for videos from Megadeth and the always spectacular Queens Of The Stone Age.



6. Stephen Andrade

stephen andrade

I know remarkably little about Stephen Andrade apart from what I can tell from his spectacular artwork. This man breathes life into the “cult” of cult art, re-imagining relatively modern movies as classic comic books and film serials, while simultaneously creating some great crossovers and, boy, am I a sucker for a good crossover. Boasting the painting skills of someone from the Golden Age of cinema, Andrade uses these skills to brilliant effect, creating pieces that look like they’ve been nicked off of a 1930s cinema’s walls by a time-traveling Twertoner (REGIONAL JOKE).


5. James Jirat Patradoon

james jirat patradoon

Apart from being one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever see ever, JJP has a striking style that uses influences of 80s pop culture and Neo-Tokyo style visuals to create these exaggerated utopias of the cray-cray. With a stunning range of colour palettes, from black and white prints, like the one above, to acid trip gifs that’ll make your eyes hurt, his portfolio has something for every taste. Though a little less reliant, for lack of a better word, on existing characters and more focused on overall atmosphere, a lot of his work is extremely original and no less awesome.



4. Mike Bilz

mike bilz

You see that piece above, it’s the only reason Mike Bilz is as high as he is on this list. Only joking! That being said, coming from a huge RHPS fan, this piece is easily my favourite of his and, possibly, one of my favourite pieces of cult art. However, that isn’t the only reason I’ve got Bilz on this list, as his adaption of some of my personal favourite characters have instantly taken a hold on me. On top of this, his bold, yet somehow subtle, lines paired with what seems to be pencil crayon colouring makes for a unique and unforgettable visual experience.

Website – GUBILILE


3. Ken Taylor


An internationally renowned cult artist, Ken Taylor’s client list reads like a who’s-who of awesomeness. Gaining fame from his astonishing gig posters for bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, The Mars Volta, Foo Fighters and Primus, as well as so, so many others, Taylor has defined his style with a revolutionary use of colour and shades in his work, seen in great detail in the piece above, and his subtle, wavy line usage. On top of music posters, he has also created an exclusive range of silkscreened movie posters, of which the First Blood poster was part. He has and probably will continue to stun his audiences and revolutionise the medium of cult art the more he continues.

And that sucka’s only No. 3.

2. Mike Kevan

mike kevan

This guy’s artwork was the stuff that ignited my fascination with cult art, through carefully treading through the treacherous waters of Pinterest. There is something really fresh and new about Kevan’s artwork that even you have probably picked up on, dearest of readers. The sense of urgency found in his work adds an aura of excitement to his pieces that little others, that I know of, can match. His choice of subject matter, predominantly super heroes, is also extremely welcome. Little else I can say about this stuff, I find it almost entrancing, so just go look at it.

Website – NOMBLE


Check out these honourable mentions, all with their own links because I feel a bit more guilty than I probably should.

Luke Flowers – SITE

Jason Chalker – SITE

Michael Cho – SITE

Dom Tsoi – SITE

Brandon Sopinsky – SITE

Dave Quiggle – SITE

1. Boneface


Another man made famous by Homme and Co., Boneface’s artwork is the most accurate representation of my mind; a cacophony of sordidity, drugs, violence, colour and movies. Is that unhealthy for a 15 year old? I feel like that’s unhealthy. In all seriousness, however, if Kevan’s art is what ignited my love of cult art, Boneface took that fire and burnt my eyebrows off with it. The use of wide, colourful backgrounds with a solitary figure brings a complete focus on the subject, which gives the artist a vehicle to express meticulous detail. Along with this, the contrast of bright and beautiful colour choices paired with truly gory images is something done before, but not to the extent shown here, and it’s great. If I said anymore I’d get a nosebleed (which is a reference), so just check it out for yourself.

Website – YES



So that’s that. Ah, conscience cleared. If you, like me, are always on the search for new artists and are fascinated by the stuff, here are some more, damn, links to sortya out:

Gallery1988 – Retro Cult Stuff

Geek Art – Modern Cult Stuff

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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