That’s right, I’m keeping this up.

Unlike last week’s bevey of tantalising teasers, in the past seven days it’s been a bit dry, so don’t expect a lot, matey.

Starting with the most high profile release of the week, Dunkirk‘s trailer is short but interesting. Smartly starting with “Directed by Christopher Nolan”, the trailer has some sea, boats, soldiers and then— no bomb. Though a great way to build up suspense and the aforementioned intrigue, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more. The film itself is a bit polarising as well, as, on one hand, I love Christopher Nolan (mostly), however all his films up to this point have had a certain style and atmosphere to them which I wouldn’t translate very well to a war movie. All in all, this is one to be wary of. And to think that this is the most positive one of the week, pfffffffffff.

Though I said that Dunkirk’s trailer was the most positive of the week, there was one other that increased my happiness meter three… more… points. That is, of course, the incoming box office smash that is A Christian Carol. For those not in the know (as if!), A Christian Carol is “A modern “Christmas Carol” from a Christian perspective, with a Dickensian twist” and it looks absolutely amazing. Now, I may not be a Christian but if anything was to convert me, it would be this cinematic tour de force. I’m gonna leave the trailer down below, I implore you to watch it.

When we all get a chance to settle ourselves, I’ll be talking about our next film, This Last Lonely Place.

Ok, we ready?


Boasting executive production from the “Estate of Humphrey Bogart”, which is impossible if you look up the definition of the word “estate”, This Last Lonely Place looks to be a strange amalgamation of Collateral and the criminally underrated Cheap Thrills (seriously, y’all should check) with a bit of a neo-noir twist. However, don’t that seemingly glowing summary for excitement. From the trailer, I wasn’t too enthused, especially from the woman in it, didn’t like her.

Another big release of the week was that of Max Rose, the new film from… Jerry Lewis? Really? Fair play. Being a fan of Lewis, I was relatively excited by the prospect of another film from the legend. Then I watched the trailer. Marketed solely on it being a Jerry Lewis film, and that he’s old, Max Rose looks to me, personally, to be another instance of Creed, which, don’t get me wrong, is a great film, meaning that it will just remind you that the actor in it is old. Add in a couple of cliche troupes and a story that seems to be About Schmidtey somehow, you have a bad case of bitch face from this sassy reviewist, I tell ya what.

Well, that was a bit boring. Oh well, hopefully we’ll get summat better next week.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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