Hijinx Aplenty.

K guys, I’ve caught up now. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Suicide Squad. I’ve seen the bastard spawn of all that is unholy. The disappointing mess that is up for contention as the worst film of the year. I witnessed the movie equivalent of the holocaust.

Spoiler alert, however, it’s not that bad.

God forbid. It’s actually pretty good.

The hype train (toot toot) for this film has been on a wobbly track. When it was announced, we were all really excited, then it came out and everyone hated it, now people are starting to see it as what it is; a fun film. Nothing more, nothing less.

DC haven’t had the best track record for their extended universe, with Man Of Steel being tolerable and BvS being agonisingly average. However, this is easily the best of the bunch, taken notes from Deadpool and going for a more comedic route. There are a lot of similarities to Deadpool, which is unsurprising seeing that they reshot a lot of it when Deadpool came out, so you could criticise the film for that. However, why wouldn’t you want to make a film like Deadpool? It was a quality film.

Chockablock with A-listers, it was expected that some would lack screen time in favour of others. The three characters the film focused on was Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Enchantress, played by Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Cara Delevingne respectively. As the aforementioned Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie confused me. One part of me was thinking “She’s pretty good, with nicely balanced amount of crazy and a good source of comic relief”, another part of me was thinking “She’s getting on ma tits a bit now, with the incessant one-liners”, another part of me was thinking “This is a bit uncomfortable, watching Margot Robbie lick prison bars next to my mum”, and the final part of me was thinking “That is a GREAT costume choice, I’m getting the DVD”.

Thank you to whoever made this happen. Lucky me indeed.

Will Smith, who I thought was only a supporting character, played Deadshot and played him pretty well, I didn’t hate him. That being said, he did just play The Fresh Prince, like bloody always. A bit quippy, a bit cheeky, sometimes serious, sometimes emotional. It was classic Will Smith, what more can you ask. He did have some cool action bits, but we’ll get to that later.

We also had Cara Delevingne playing Enchantress/June Moone (silly name), the film’s protagonist/love interest. Let’s get one thing straight: CARA DELEVINGNE CAN’T ACT and that’s okay, because she’s not an actress, she’s just a lucky model. That might seem harsh but she’s literally just a model who’s good at pulling “quirky” (kill me) Instagram photos. It’ll take more than big eyebrows and a nice face to do an acting.

Remember earlier when I said that there were three characters focused on in the film. I expect you were thinking “Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Joker”. That ain’t the case, matey, because, like you’ve probably heard, good ol’ Joker isn’t in it nearly enough. However, from some of the other reviews I’ve read, you might have the wrong idea. It’s not that Joker is in it for a brief cameo like some are making it out to be, but he hasn’t got enough runtime to warrant a reveal or the ass-tonne of speculation at Jared Leto’s go at the character. Jared Leto was perfectly fine as the character, I’d got as far to say he was pretty good, in fact. Though he was reportedly trying not to be, he was obviously influenced by Heath Ledger, but that’s mainly because Ledger forever changed how people perceive the character. However, Leto’s incarnation was a bit more unhinged, where Ledger’s was more unpredictable. Leto brought a perverse edge to the character which I found disturbing but good, helped by the fact that they shaved his eyebrows off. This performance serves as an example to show how versatile an actor Jared Leto is.

Please grow some eyebrows now, pretty please.

Another person who I found lacked screen time would be, and I never thought I’d say this, Jai Courtney, who was surprisingly adequate as Boomerang, or Captain Boomerang. With the role, he brought a nice bit of comic relief which, done wrong, would’ve potentially spoiled the film for me. That being said, his weird unicorn fetish thing looked a bit forced and I reckon was most likely added post-Deadpool.

Now to get to that sweet, sweet action that I teased upon earlier, boi. Here in the UK, the film was rated a 15, which led to me being refused at my first cinema, the bellends. Anyway, I didn’t really see why because there wasn’t really any explicit content throughout the film, to my 15-year old dismay. Whereas the action came undoubtedly thick and satisfactorily fast, the main enemy force were these nameless, literally faceless goons that looked like they were made from those black, magnetic buzzing things, the name escapes me, that didn’t bleed. They just came apart. However, the lack of blood didn’t stop me enjoying watching Will Smith shoot them in the face all cool-like.

I feel like I should now address the two big criticisms; the plot and directing.

Firstly, a quick synopsis of the plot. Right, this woman suggests to the government that they create a team of supervillains to fight battles and terrorists more powerful than the army. She says that they will be controlled with explosives implanted in their necks and can be easily blamed for any failures. When one of them (Delevingne) goes a-wire, they have to band together and take her down. The film is split into to halfs; the bit when they are introduced and the really long first/final mission, where they take down Enchantress, chopped up with bits of Joker trying to retrieve Harley Quinn. Apart from the intros, there isn’t really character development except for little bits regarding Harley Quinn and Deadshot, leading the rest of the characters to be extremely thin and appearning motiveless.

The directing, by David Ayer, has been described as “choppy”, which is undeniable, with fast camera movement and a lot going on at once. However, by looking at Ayer’s directorial filmography, it seems to me that might just be his style of directing. End of Watch, Sabotage, Fury. All of these are action-packed films with a lot going on at once. From this film, it seems that Ayer isn’t looking for anything smart, just stupid fun, which is what this film is.

Overall, Suicide Squad is a better film than you think it is. Action-packed, furiously entertaining, stupid superhero fun. This let down by a paper-thin story and a lack of character development. However, the unfair critical reception has made a fine film seem like Satan’s ballsack by comparison. It’s not that bad, it’s better than BvS anyway.




Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations





10 thoughts on “Suicide Squad (2016) – Review

  1. Good review. This movie is a mixed bag. Some might like it, while others will hate it. Suicide Squad has good characters / actors and have an interesting concept, but the plot is skimpy and too many characters. I did like Smith, Davis, and Robbie in their roles.

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  2. Glad to see that you liked it! Personally I felt it wasn’t as bad as the critic reviews suggest but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be either. I agree that character development is really lacking and to me that’s a major reason why the film didn’t impress me as much. And you’re right, we need more Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang!

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