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Yo, this be Reuben. Yeah, that’s right. I’m back, and I’m a relatively happy lil’ man. Milo’s been keeping this site rolling like a mongoose on stilts on the eve of Thanksgiving with even a review of Silver Linings Playbook — who’d a thunk it? I’m back now, though, so I hope you’re ready because I’m gonna be regurgitating the same damn review style over and over again – just like old times eh?

Anywhom, I just had an adventure in watching Rush Hour 3 for the first time. It’s the last of Jackie Chan’s most successful American film series, and unfortunately the worst. Nonetheless, Rush Hour 3 provides just enough laughs and fun action to be an enjoyable watch.

 photo chris_zpsndpmfpnm.jpg

Yeeeeeaaa Boi!

It follows the story of the attempted assassination of Ambassador Chan and the following chase of the Triads that did it, along with the protection of a woman with knowledge of the organisation’s secrets by the Blackenese duo Lee and Carter. Chris Tucker is just as charismatically black as in the previous Rush Hour films and Jackie Chan is exactly the same as usual – we would expect no less and no more — and yes, charismatically is a new word, I’m basically Shakespeare. The pair isn’t quite as hilarious as in former films, however, because they aren’t helped by a slightly dry script. The jokes are less free-flowing and are often drowned out by some over-seriousness and the boring score – not quite the funky jams as in Rush Hour 1 and 2. Characters like Max von Sydow’s Reynard add nothing to the film, him standing out as a boring and serious English man who causes the film to go too long without a joke. All he does is slowly walk around and talk loudly about things you’re not interested in. Chris Tucker can sometimes be seen wincing in the corner in these scenes.

Serious business.

The plot is at fault, too. It’s not a plot that doesn’t work, but it’s one that is a little too convoluted for what should have been a stupid action comedy like the other two. Admittedly there was some shizzle going on in 2, but in this doohickey things just keep on happening that just make the plot more complicated than it needs to be and takes away from the comedy. I mean, Rush Hour isn’t supposed to be James Bond. It’s Rush Hour. The story barely matters. Rush Hour is about high-pitched jokes and ridiculous action. It should be kept simple, that’s what I’m saying.

It ain’t no film-ruiner though. It’s still the same ol’ Rush Hour. It’s full of action and great Jackie Chan stunts – if some fights can go on a little too long. Chris Tucker may be slightly chubby but most of his jokes are as funny as they are in the other two movies. There’s something about the acting in the film, however, that seems slightly rusty in comparison to the last two movies. In fairness, I do view the other two as Godly beings, so maybe I’m biased to those two over this one. But honestly, there is something less amazing about the performances in Rush Hour 3.

 photo big guy_zpsccvxruy5.jpg

So should I throw him now?

The score is super boring too, I would like to reiterate. About the only funk in the film comes at the start and the end, the result being the movie feels a little at loss of its personality. The camerawork is a bit odd, too. There are some ambitious shots here and there that simply don’t need to be there, and the shaky cam just reminds me of Man of Steel (not a good thing).

Nevertheless, all the negative things about Rush Hour 3 aren’t really that negative. It still manages to be a pretty good action comedy flick with just enough Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker jokage to keep it at a relatively high quality among other films of its kind.




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