Milo here, breaking controllers like my name was Electric Boogaloo.

Co-op, or local multiplayer, was once a beautiful thing in video games. You could saddle up with a couple of buddies, laughing n’ joking. Ten minutes later, I’m winning but Reuben’s got a controller in his eye, Emmanuel’s fingers are stuck in the disc tray and Cam’s head’s gone through the surround sound. Fun times to be had.

However, with the rise of online gaming over the past decade or so, developers are putting less and less co-op options in their bundles o’ fun. So I thought I’d do you all a wondrous service and tell you my weapons of choice.

By the way, backwards compatibilty games on the Xbox 360 are qualified because they are just as fun and can be played on the Xbone.

5. Worms: Battleground (2014)

worms battlegrounds

Though the older entries in the Worms franchise (mainly Armageddon) aren’t available on new gen, this serves as a fine replacement. I’m not a longtime Worms fan, but even I can’t deny the satisfaction in unloading your entire artillery on one of your friends. I’m not even sorry, Cam. Moreover, the artillery in question is nothing to frown at either, as there is plenty to shoot, throw and prod. Top that of with some of that trademark Worms humour and you’ve got potentially the most incendiary multiplayer game to play in the same room.

4. Rocket League (2015)

rocket league

No, no, Reuben’s not doing this bit. No, HE CAN’T DO ALL OF THEM. He just can’t. Though Reuben would have you believe that this game is some sort of otherworldly entity who has control over our lives and destinies, that’s, sadly, not the case. It’s just football with cars. Nevertheless, football with cars is really fun. Although the learning curve is pretty steep with this one, so you might not get the hang of it right away, it’s worth perservering and sticking to it, because once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing else like it. Moreover, if you beat someone who thinks they’re the shizzle at it, oooooooh does that feel good.

The top three isn’t such a deal in this one, is it?

3. Soul Calibur II (2002)

soul calibur ii

Now, listen ‘ere, Soul Calibur II is undoubtedly the greatest fighting game of all time, I mean, come on. However, I will admit this, there is another fighting game on this list, you probably know what it is. That being said, it is still the greatest fighting game of all time, with gameplay similar to Tekken but a bit smoother as well as the diversity brought about with the addition of WEAPONS! Which makes everything better. The HD edition, which is backwards compatible on the Xbone, also includes 3rd party characters Spawn and Heihachi, from the aforementioned Tekken series. The promises a lot of arguments and a lot of hilarious ring out when playing with buds.

2. DOOM (1993)


Like Iron Maiden, I am partial to a bit of DOOM (CAPITALS NECESSARY). On your own, DOOM is devilishly (pun so, so intended) fun, with a decievingly simple premise; kill all the things. You get some charming graphics and some graphic violence as you go, as well as a few extremely powerful guns. It’s just uninhibited fun that you can have for no reason. However, with friends, it takes a whole new level. You can either complete the story mode with a mate, and build a psychic relationship by the end of it, or you get four buddies and kill them in deathmatch. I chose the second, and it’s awesome.

Yeah, honourable mentions.

Call Of Duty Series

FIFA Series

Forza Motorsport Series

Halo Series

Left 4 Dead Series

So, it’s a fighting game. Or is it? Yes, it is.

1. Mortal Kombat X (2015)


What a bloody surprise. I know it seems like I’m talking about this game every damn second, but it’s very, very worth it. Gameplay-wise, this game is so fluid, I got confused and tried to drink it once, as well as extremely fast-paced at times, keeping everyone on their feet. It also adapts to the different styles of the players, so you could play as a lumbering powerhouse, if that’s ya bag, or a slippery devil, like myself. We’ve got those beautifully bloody fatalities, as well, making it extremely entertaining to watch, if you have a group of people playing. On top of all o’ that, there’s countless (well, 5) different game modes to spice things up. If you like fighting games, this is the ultimate co-op fighting experience this generation.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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