Yo, this be Reuben, now writing something I would probably write better than Milo (suck on that! Actually, don’t, that’s yucky).

Since it’s release in summer last year, Rocket League has swiftly become one of my favourite games of all time, and I consider it easily the best game on PS4 and Xbox One for it’s incredibly fun, unique and addictive car football gameplay — making it the best game to play when you just wanna have some fun time-killing.

Image result for Rocket League goal gif

Yeeeeeeeea Boi!

Now, as it’s an online-based game, there are a lot of updates for Rocket League. Updates are usually a little irritating because they mean you have to wait until you can play a game, and they take up space that otherwise wouldn’t be taken up on the console. However, on this particular Soccar simulator the updates are totally worth it.

Psyonix have been working hard perfecting Rocket League and smoothing its rough edges since day one, with regular updates. What is so great about these updates, is that they give players new content regularly — for free! We have already been kindly given hockey mode Snow Day, basketball mode Hoops and Rocket Labs, car football in various odd stages in the works; with Utopia, Wasteland and Neo Tokyo being implemented into the normal Soccar mode’s selection of stages. There have also been tweaks made to physics, stat readings, car customization and graphics.

Image result for Rocket League home screen

There’s also the podium ‘nd some other stuff.

Now, with the new 1.22 Update, Psyonix have given yet more to Rocket League players. Along with Rumble Mode, they have introduced Party Chat, Car Presets and the Crates and Keys system. Party Chat enables players to send messages to their teammates, first and foremost, I’m not bothered about that inclusion, but it’s fine. The Car Presets introduction means that all dem Rocket League drivers can make up to ten customized Car Presets that they can alternate through. There’s also been more changes to car customization in that we can finally make our cars green in team Blue and Blue and Orange cars can have different accessories. This particular inclusion is brilliant, because I for one have been wanting to make my car green for a very long time. Guess what, it’s green now. The Crates and Keys system is one where Crates containing various Deluxe Decals, Wheels and all that malarkey can be unlocked in game, and they can be opened via Keys, which, although unfortunately is a paid feature, I am still happy with its addition, because it means we get Pixel Boosts and Animated Decals to decorate our cars — that be cool. We also have a new thunder storm weather for matches, which give it that extra graphical layer. We used to have ‘Stormy’, now they’ve gone that step further. Rain always makes stuff shiny.

Image result for rocket league

I mean, it already looked pretty nice.

Nonetheless, the most important, anticipated and quality addition in the new Update is Rumble Mode. The new mode makes for Rocket League with items, essentially. A little like the impact items have on Smash Bros., the items introduce ridiculous fun and inbalance. Although certain Marcus’ fume about items’ unfair effect on brawling in Smash Bros., I would argue that items give the game that extra layer of fun and for multi-player in particular, they add to the hectic atmosphere to good effect. Items aren’t for the competitive players, I do appreciate, hence why both Smash Bros. and Rocket League have separated item play and non-item play in different modes online and offline. The difference between Smash Bros. and Rocket League in this situation, though, is that Smash Bros. started with items in mind, and Rocket League didn’t. Psyonix made Rocket League in the first place with a view to pure, simple football gameplay with an eye for competitivism (I just had to Shakespeare it up and make a new word, did’n I?). With Rumble Mode’s stupid items, multiplayer fun is pushed to the max on Rocket League.

Items ranging from a tornado sucking everything in its path into an aerial daze, to spikes that stick your car to the ball, and to a super-powered explode-y power that lets you blow opposition player up instantly and gives extra power into your striking of the ball. Each item adds something to the gameplay, even if a couple are slightly similar, and there is little balance between item usefulness. Sure, the items aren’t perfect, but when they are all going up at once it makes for many hilarious happenings and there is a brilliantly care-free and fun feel added to the game, making for something that is perhaps more enjoyable than the normal competitive Soccar mode with its salty players who quit when they go one-nil down. Of course, people will still quit Rumble games in a huff, but they can be replaced with computers and eventually new players, as there is no tier system that is effected by losses or wins like the competitive side of the online game.

Rumble Mode is the first new mode added to the game that has actually brought full competition to the competitive play for me, making it better than Hoops, Snow Day and Rocket Labs. If you haven’t played Rocket League for a while, or have got bored of it, I implore you to try the new update and Rumble it out, maybe it will renew your interest in the game.

Regardless, the main purpose for this article was to show my love for Rocket League even more than I already have (Milo’s probably getting embarrassed about it by this point), and as a thank you to Psyonix who just keep on giving.

Bringing redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


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