Everybody Knows That These Guys Are Insane.

Yo, this be Reuben. Me ‘n the ol’ dingus Milo have been tossing bands between each other and recommending all sorts of shizzle, but Queens of the Stone Age sticks out as the best band he’s given me (not as good as Rage Against the Machine though is it!?!?!??!?). I’m still relatively-ish-sorta-kinda new to the band, but Lullabies to Paralyze has to be just about my favourite record by them I’ve heard.

If you ever think ‘solid album’, Lullabies to Paralyze is that. There is not much wrong with it, albeit there’s nothing particularly incredible about it. But there’s a lot to love.

It strolls along at an easy pace, from the very first note of Medication (admittedly after an intro track), to the final note of Long Slow Goodbye with strong bass lines, varied and consistent guitar accompaniments, easy to follow drumbeats and a particularly strong vocal performance from Josh Homme (and sometimes Mark Lanegan, who is just as good).

The catchy tunes flow through this record like the dirty water through a river in their sinister and meandering tones, catchy hooks and jeering riffs. The nonchalant choruses on In My Head, Tangled Up in Plaid and Little Sister mixed with the energetic joy of Medication and Broken Box, and the paranoid and ominously repetitive but ever progressing sound of Someone’s in the Wolf – along with a whole load of other shizzle with all the other crap – makes for an album that will effectively throw you around a cushioned room with its controlled variety.

Admittedly, Lullabies to Paralyze isn’t a revolution in sound, however enjoyable it is. A lot of the tropes the band uses in this record, they’d already used in their previous hit, Songs for the Deaf, and if you want anything that will cover you with goosebumps or anything like that, this isn’t really where to look. Nonetheless, it is one of the more consistent albums I’ve heard, as it only has one particularly weak track (Skin on Skin), and it always seems to bring new things to the board to impress, even if on occasion that ‘ominous repetition’ can go slightly too far.

To conclude, Lullabies to Paralyze will get its greasy mitts totally stuck in your head, casually presenting quite the enjoyable alternative rock sound, with a few classics to choose from as well as a fantastic vocal performance from Josh Homme ‘nd friends — although it does this despite being broadly similar to Songs for the Deaf.




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