Milo here.

So, we’ve been nominated for a PANDA award! How about that?

For those who don’t know, The PANDA award was formulated by fellow blogger and, by this point, all-round WordPress god Mr. Panda, who wanted to spread a bit of goodness throughout the blogging community, how darling. So I guess we should start by honouring the founder of this prestigious award. Well done, good pal, well done.

However, Mr. Panda is only partly the reason I am here accepting this goodness today, the other reason lies in the hands of The Well-Red Mage. Yeah, that legend. He was the one who nominated us, and wrote some very kind words about this here site, so I guess I should return the favour, shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’re looking for some of the best video game reviews this side of *enter wherever Final Fantasy is set*, then The Well-Red Mage is definitely for you! As well as being one of the most interactive and communal writers on here, he also provides a plethora of quality retro game reviews for your viewing pleasure. So, check him out, ya dingus, and prove me wrong. Spoiler alert, you won’t.

Along with accepting it, I also have the pleasure of nominating some suckas of my own. But first, check the rules of accepting it:

Da Rulez:

– Thank who nominated you (a link will suffice)

– Nominate any number of people for the award

– Support them in any way, whether it be thanking them or plugging them or advertising them or giving them a hug (we’ll be doing the first three)

And, with that, the nominees.

Da Nomineez:

Jason of Jason’s Movie Blog – If there’s one constant in the world, it’s that Jason’s check out our posts. As we’ve become more in touch with the awesome community here, we’ve interacted with a plentiful amount of bloggers. However, Jason was one of the first and is still a huge supporter of us, as we are of him. As well as that, the guy does some straight up killer movie reviews, covering a lot of, if not all, major movie releases, so much so that he’s even done some guest work for us. So cheers for that, Jason, and cheers for being so damn dope.

Gareth Rhodes of Gareth Rhodes Film Reviews – Another coming from the movie blogging world (there’ll be a lot of these), Gareth Rhodes is an OG Stuff And That follower, as he’s been with us for about a year. Though he isn’t always around, when he is he’ll provide you some brilliantly professional reviews, showing a true passion for the medium. He also gave me one of the nicest comments, and that’s some major points right there.

Jamie Wu of Watch Game Read – With a variety on his blog rivaling us (so we’ll probably have to kill him soon), good ol’ Jamie covers exactly what you’d expect on Watch Game Read. Another regular commenter, his posts are always a joy to read, whatever he’s covering.

Khalid Rafi of The Blazing Reel – OK, I don’t think there are many more film review websites. However, I saved one of the best for last as The Blazing Reel contain some of the best I’ve seen, with an extremely professional quality, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been picked up by flippin’ Empire or summat.

filmsCine – Yeah, I lied there are a few more film reviews. There’s a great sense of humour found throughout this site, with a true love for movies being apparent. As well as this, she is also great community interactor, which is one of the most important things here.

Yo, this be Reuben, for no real reason. I’m gonna nominate a few, too:

I mean, his name even has the word “eh” in it. His blog, vinnieh, must be good? Yeah, it is. Quality, analytical reviews and a dry/slightly confusing, but oh so sexy humour are what you find on his awesome site. Also, he’s really supportive as bloggers go, and we’ve been reading his reviews and being oddly amused by his butt posts for a good darn while now.

The Man Called Scott of Wizard Dojo is a bit of a legend, too. His blog has a good vibe, in which he just writes his opinions, slaps some pictures in, and won’t have it any other way. For that, and the fact he writes flippin’ quality reviews, he’s one we have big respect for.

Another Bloody Critic is exactly what it says on the tin. Another Bloody Critic, the unexpected mastermind behind it all, has a good eye for comedy and puns ‘n all, and his reviews are a fun and detailed read every time.

Van Rockingham at Games Revisited, to put it simply, is a bit of a dude. He’s got an enjoyable writing style, a no-nonsense sense of critique and a good music taste.

Alright den, that’s that. Well done to all the nominees, you all deserve it, and feel free do some sort of acceptance ting. Thanks again to the Mage, jolly good show mate.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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