Milo here.

Indeed! The failed “Milo’s Monthly Music Mayhem” series has returned and with a hell of a rebrand. You see, GCSEs are coming up in the good ol’ UK and, as one of the many Yr 11 students taking them, I will be doing a lot of revision and prep and all that bollocks so I can NOT extremely fail in life. Sadly, however, this has minimised my projected blog output substantially.

Now, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting fairly regularly here, with all the crap reviews and articles you’ve come to know and tolerate, but I will be also working a lot more at school.

So, I thought I’d bring back this ugly sucker, but not as you remember it.

Unlike Milo’s Monthly Music Mayhem, this won’t be monthly, it will be whenever I have 20 minutes spare and/or I can be assed. Moreover, I won’t be covering a whole lot of songs, I’ll be covering one. I recently ranked every single song I like in a numbered list, with 820 songs currently in it. I can only expect this to rise. So in the new “Milo’s Music Mayhem”, I’ll take one of those songs, as well as it’s arbitrary ranking, at random and telling you a bit about why I love it in a nice little, sub-sub review, almost. It’s basically a more bite-sized article so I can carry on writing during this hectic time for me.

So stay tuned immediately, because I’m probably gonna start on my FIRST ENTRY as soon as I post this.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


2 thoughts on “Milo’s Music Mayhem: REVIVAL

  1. I love the idea of one song at a time, a few other blogs do it and it’s always cool to have focus on just one thing and its elements instead of trying to encapsulate a full album.

    Good luck in your school! You’re gonna rock it.

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