Milo, here.

Well, hot damn! We’re back again with the second instalment of Milo’s Music Mayhem. The new series where I take a quality song and write about it, in a complete storm of self-indulgence.

Today, I’m looking at the titular lead single from the debut album by British acid funk/jazz outfit Jamiroquai — Emergency On Planet Earth. Check it the flip out:

To be brutally honest, the video version really doesn’t do justice the awesomeness of the album version, I do apologise. Oh well, you get my drift. While they hardly fit into my usual tastes in music, I’ve been a fan of Jamiroquai for a very long time, and, even now, their superfunky basslines and jazzy tempos never fail to get me dancing. It seems that, right from the gate, they were going for that exact effect, with this song using both of the things I mentioned before to great impact. As soon as that opening guitar riff, that sadly fades into the back of the mix, kicks in, you know you’re in for a treat. That treat comes in the form of trumpets, OBVIOUSLY. ALL TREATS COME IN THE FORM OF TRUMPETS. From there, we are treated to consistently inconsistent drumming, strings coming in from all directions and that bass. That goddamn bass, it’s up there in the Fleas of funkiness. However, we also treated to the vocals of Jay Kay who, while by all accounts a bit of a wang, is a hell of a singer. While it’s not my favourite Jamiroquai song, Emergency On Planet Earth shows that the band knew exactly what their sound was gonna be, and they executed it perfectly.

Looks like this series is shaping up quite nicely, lovely. I’ll see you again for another of these posts, yeah? I better, or else no dessert for you.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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