Milo here.

WOah, two in a week? That is just how I roll. Anywho, welcome to another one of these Milo’s Music Mayhems! Where I take a dopeass song and tell you why it’s dopeass.

666, eh? Satany. Unfortunately, while it would be great for comedic purposes to have Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast here, that song is just too good. However, we still have another great song in Eagles Of Death Metal’s rendition of Stuck In The Middle With You, originally by Stealers Wheel, affectionately dubbed Stuck In The Metal. Audio below (no video today mang):

While definitely a departure from other projects Josh Homme has his magic fingers stuck into, Eagles Of Death Metal’s fusion of bluegrass and garage rock has struck a chord with plenty of hard rock and alt-rock fans, with them being popular in many a scene indeed, especially considering their desert rock roots. Their debut album, Peace, Love, Death Metal, contains some great tracks and, while it’s just a cover, it’s definitely a highlight among the bunch. While EODM have never been ones to push the envelope of what is possible in a dynamic soundscape or whatever, they specialise in toe-tappy easy listenin’ rock music and this song epitomises it. It’s a song that throws a smile on anything it touches, through no small part of the original’s greatness, but EODM really make it their own. We’ve got the instantly recognisable vocals of Jesse Hughes, mustache-master and king of pseudonyms (‘Boots Electric’ to name but one), and the fuzzy guitar tones that echo bands like early White Stripes. While death metal may be in the name, there’s nothing deadly about this song, just good vibes.

Alrighty, I’ll hopefully see you again in another Milo’s Music Mayhem! Hopefully.


Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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