Milo here.

Now then, before you get ya jimmies twisted, this ain’t no revival for Talking Trailers. That being said, we have been bombarded with some doozies over the past few weeks, so I thought I’d bring it back for another outing to discuss them.

So let us get straight into things with a non-trailer, actually. What a wang. Oh well, I’m, of course, talking about the new footage/teaser/promo tingaling for Deadpool 2. If I haven’t mentioned it enough over the past few month, I really enjoyed Deadpool, my favourite comic book character, coming to the big screen last year and I thought it was executed perfectly. From what we’ve seen from this footage, it looks to be taking a similar path despite the director switch-up from Tim Miller to David Leitch, the stunt coordinator for many classics like 300 and Fight Club, as well as personal favourite V For Vendetta. However, especially considering that this is his directorial debut, it remains to be seen if Deadpool follows the sophomore slump trend of many films before it. Nonetheless, Ryan Reynolds’ passion and ease in the role seems to remain strong, and I’m sure we’re in for a treat, whenever it arrives.

Next up, we’ve got the new OFFICIAL trailer for Wonder Woman. Back when Talking Trailers was still like a thing (aww good times), we had a look at the Comic-Con trailer for this and, as you can DEFINITELY OBVIOUSLY ABSOLUTELY remember, I wasn’t too keen. Let’s be honest, DC have let us down too many times at this point and the footage itself looked underwhelming to me, and awfully similar to Captain America: The First Avenger, with its wartime setting. However, from this official trailer, I must admit, this is looking a lot better. That being said, while this does look a step in the right direction, only time will tell whether or not this will buck the trend of DC standing for Dirty Crap.


We also had a couple of treats outside of the superhero genre, as well, as the new trailer for Alien: Covenant proved. When the first look at this badboi was released on Christmas Day no less, I, like many fans of the horror franchise, was immediately drawn to direction this film seemed to be taking, looking more like a back-to-basics Alien film, and, with all the packaging surrounding it, as well as Ridley Scott at the helm, it isn’t hard to see why. This new look does nothing but further back up my suspicions, really emphasising the intensity and body horror of the original. However, with known inconsistency of the franchise and the lacklustre Prometheus, there’s a chance we could be mightily disappointed by this. Regardless, I’m a huge Alien fan and I cannae wait.

However, straying from the franchise bug altogether are my final two picks; Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde. Both of which were announced/released at the recent SXSW festivities.

Again, you MUST have DEFINITELY remembered my Top Ten Anticipated Movies of 2017 and my mentioning of Baby Driver. However, you may also ABSOLUTELY remember a certain concern about the slightly douchey look of the film. It’s Edgar Wright though, so who gives a damn? Well, after watching the official trailer, I sure don’t. Because oh my holy man tits, does it look good. We’ve seen what Wright can do stylistically with the amazingly-fantastically-excellently-best-film-ever-made Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, so we sure know it’s gonna look pretty. However, he’s also showing off some spectacularly choreographed set pieces and an all-star cast. Throw in some surprisingly funny moments and a dope-ass soundtrack, and the fact that it’s only a trailer, and you’ve got me very excited indeed for this one.

And then we’ve also got Atomic Blonde. This one was omitted from my aforementioned anticipated movies list because I didn’t know about it until about a week ago. This comic-book adaptation, basically, looks a like a teenage boy’s sex dream. Particularly, this teenage boy’s sex dream. So, of course, I’m excited about it. OBVIOUSLY. With it’s Killer Queen soundtrack, we are treated to two and a half minutes of Charlize Theron kicking people’s sh*t in and getting it on with the legless woman from Kingsman (who does actually have legs). I’m not expecting some sort of Oscar-winning high art masterpiece, but I bet it will kick some ass.

So that’s that for Talking Trailers. Maybe in the near future another stream of dope ass trailers will be released, warranting another of these suckas. But, for now, it’s back to being overwhelmed by homework and trying to write reviews.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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