Milo here.

Let’s recover from my awfully performing Talking Trailers revival (pity likes, anyone?) by getting back into it with another Music Mayhem shall we?

This time, we have one of the singles from QOTSA’s 2013 masterpiece …Like Clockwork, My God Is The Sun. You best check the BONEFACE-DRAWN/LIAM BRAZIER-ANIMATED dope ass video for it:

If you were thinking “Nah I won’t watch that video, I’m at a funeral”, stop being a bitch and watch it regardless, Grandad will understand. Seriously, it’s a quality video.

ANYWAY, this isn’t Milo’s Video Mayhem (that’s only at Stuff And That Xtra where, for £20 a month, you can get access to exclusive Stuff And That content including Emmanuel’s leaked nudes, now, who wouldn’t want that?), this is Milo’s Music Mayhem, so let’s check da song. …Like Clockwork is a well-needed departure from QOTSA’s trademark sound and, with songs like this, it’s hard to disagree. It swaps out meaty riffs for apocalyptic poetry and tasty grooves. Nevertheless, My God Is The Sun is a prime example of why I love the record so much. There is an unfathomable energy throughout this beast of a track, with Josh Homme bringing his instantly recognisable vocals in with attitude to spare. As the song progresses, and we get Mr Van Leeuwen shredding like mother, it just gets better and better. The instrumentation and buildup throughout is something to behold, the atmosphere and themes of this thing go together perfectly. Everything here fits together…

…Like Clockwork.

“Forced joke! You’re shite!”

Oh well, I hope you enjoyed this instalment of my Music Mayhem, hopefully there was enough mayhem and music for you. I’ll see you next time, or else…

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations



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