Milo here.

Back with a Milo’s Music Mayhem? You know it.

Today, we’re looking the opener for System Of A Down’s eponymous debut album, Suite-Pee. Check the audio below:

System Of A Down is probably my favourite metal band, or definitely up there if not, and, with songs like this populating the negative space on their records, it ain’t hard to see why. Always one to take on some kind of lyrical motif with their work, Suite-Pee criticises organised religion, with its use of heavy profanity and vulgar lyrics to convey their message. Though I prefer to keep my views separate from most things I do, this resonates with me as an atheist, albeit in a very animalistic way. Anywho, enough about that shite. Musically, this is a heavy, very early-SOAD-like track, with the meaty tones of Malakian and Odadjian driving this bastard of a riff, with John Dolmayan’s ridiculously fast and precise drumming providing a speeding rhythm. Then, we got such a f*ck you breakdown hook; you’ll break your neck in pure “AAAAAAAARRGGHHH”. This is where Serj’s vocals come into play at their best, with his aggressive growls contrasting with his playfully weird delivery in the verses. It’s a song that f*cks with tempos like a bitch and perfectly sets up a kickass album.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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