Hi, this is Renate from popcornandfilm, guest blogging! I’m doing a review of the first John Wick movie because it was about time that I watched it now that the second movie is out. Hope you’ll enjoy it and thank you to Milo and Reuben for letting me write here, such awesome dudes!

John Wick is about an ex-hitman who retired after finding his one true love. After she dies from an illness, John goes for a hunt after the men who stole the last thing that reminded him of her. It’s a bloody search and John Wick will do whatever it takes to get his revenge.

The movie started off rather uneventful and it didn’t really catch my eye. Nothing happened, there was not much talking and the environment was pretty gloomy. Now don’t get me wrong, this is very common for a movie and I didn’t expect that the characters would start shooting at each other or that someone would jump out of a plane or something extreme like that. I just felt like this tediousness went on for a really long time, and it took quite a while before the movie really started.

When John Wick actually began working his magic, this movie took a whole turn. It was very exciting and interesting to follow Wick’s journey to his revenge. He is such a cool character as well and Keanu Reeves did an amazing job showing us this heartbroken man with skills beyond any human being.  I had no idea Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones was in this movie as well and he did also do a great job. In fact, the whole cast was pretty darn on point.

So even if the movie is rather entertaining and actually very cool, there is something that bothered me a little. This movie almost felt like a prequel. I did, in fact, Google to see if I had missed a movie that came out before this one, but no this is the first John Wick movie. They referred to the past a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I would have preferred a movie before this one, just one that explained how he became the man that everyone feared so much and just how he met all the characters in the movie. I mean, he already knew so many that we were just introduced to and they had a history but we never get to know about it.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the movie for the most part and I really liked the character John Wick. Some things felt like it belonged in a prequel but it didn’t really interrupt the story. It’s a cool movie and it’s most definitely worth watching!




Thank you so much for reading, you are amazing!


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