Yo, this be Reuben. As always, I’m absolutely in love with RHCP, but particularly at the moment as it’s basically the only thing I’m listening to. But, who better to be perpetually obsessed with than these guys? And, who better to kick-start this shoddy knock-off series?

I’ve been predominantly listening through By the Way and Californication, and I feel like writing about this one considering it never got mentioned in our Top 25. Here’s the audio:

Now, Milo, the pleb, ain’t big on this one. Admittedly, I can sympathise with him in that the mixing is the worst on any Chili Peppers track. However, I think the sheer quality of the song still shines through despite the poor production, which is a testament to how good the raw song is. Sure, it’s distorted and over-loud, but it’s still totally awesome, and one of my personal favourites from Californication, which ain’t no mean feat considering it’s one of my favourite albums.

It’s a unique one at the very least. The speedy yet laid back bass and guitar roll along to act as the wheels for the track, giving it an energised but controlled feel. Over the top of this is one of Anthony Kiedis’ better vocal outputs. Every time he opens with “deep inside of a parallel universe”, it’s just, gah! This album was released when he was at his peak and this is surely one of his highlights.

One of the great things about Parallel Universe is it’s ability to sound energetic, jumpy, heavy and calm all at the same time, as it winds and weaves through your ears with its satisfying verses and powerful chorus, with, to top it all off, a damn brilliant solo tingaling from Frusciante at the end as the crescendo of it all.

Well, hopefully this wasn’t much worse than Milo’s shizzle. Anywho, listen to the song!

Bringing redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


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