Yo, this be Reuben. I realised nothing was written about Pearl Jam on this website, so I thought I’d show my appreciation to their two best songs, Even Flow and Jeremy, straight off their Earth-shattering debut record, Ten, which is now one of my favourite albums of all time and just about bests Superunknown to top the list of grunge albums I’ve heard. I’ll do this using sub-headings to avoid confusion or whatevz.

Even Flow

As soon as that bass slide opens the track, I’m always at total “yeeeeaa boi” mode. This song just flows. So, so nicely. It’s got such a bouncy groove, such a fun atmosphere, it’s something just to stick on to sing along to and enjoy. As always, Eddie Vedder’s vocals are phenomenal, so it’s pretty hard to imitate his voice, but, yunno, I always have as much fun as he is in that video. Of course, Eddie’s not the only guy in the band, and he’s brilliantly accompanied by the rest of the band as the groovy bass and wig-out guitars wind through the track, carried along by the casual drums, to make for a river-like flow — but a really rockin’ one, rest assured.


You know, this is even better than Even Flow. Yes, the former is the coolest laid back party ever released, but Jeremy is incredible for different reasons. It’s almost as emotional as Black, but I don’t think anything can match that song on that level, but even so, this comes damn close, because it’s based on something so real and tragic that you can’t help but get some goose-bumps. So, lyrically, it’s immensely strong, and, obviously, ol’ Eddie is incredible with his vocal output. Musically, although not as infectiously energetic or overtly fun as Even Flow, is potent in its pounding drums and subtle guitar and bass progressions, which build to crashing climaxes in the song’s bridges and chorus. Jeremy is catchy, atmospheric and emotional all at the same time. It’s a special one, this. It’ll stick in your head for a long time.

Honestly, I might write a full review of Ten at some point, so if I do, I apologize in advance for being overly in love with it.

Bringing redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


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