Milo here.

Exciting news for Gorillaz fans, as their new album, Humanz, comes out today! To celebrate in true Stuff And That fashion, rather than review the bastard, we’re gonna count down our favourite Gorillaz songs in a list-style order, what a surprise. And it ain’t the usual sucka I’m doing it with today either, it’s Cam, and, I gotta say, he’s a major improvement.

Cam also here.

You aren’t allowed to write about Gorillaz without me. That’s why I’m here. The new stuff hype n’ that! This will be my first time trying to explain music with fancy words and stuff. Although I can’t explain as well as these other plebs, Gorillaz are my favourite band.


10. Rhinestone Eyes (Plastic Beach, 2010)

Woah, bet ya didn’t expect me to show up, ol Reubs. Cam literally couldn’t put into words his love for this song, so I’m gonna badly fill in for him. For me, Rhinestone Eyes was the first Gorillaz song I really loved, and what kick-started my unexpected Gorillaz fandom in the last few weeks. It takes on an electronica veil, with an easy beat, laid back vocals from 2D but with a subtly energetic build up on to the emphatic choruses. It’s a song that just keeps on giving, with a damn catchy hook and well-placed supporting vocals, striking the perfect balance between energy and chill.

9. Stylo (Plastic Beach, 2010)

Another song off of the highly awaited Plastic Beach, Stylo was the frontrunner of the new decade crusade as lead single. While nostalgia and the fact that it sounds like my name (it’s actually my Xbox gamertag) are two factors to why I like it so much, I also love the incredibly cool electronic vibe the song gives off, with a really catchy hook and winding synth leads making way for some brilliantly entertaining guest vocals from Bobby Womack.

8. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) (G-Sides, 2001)

Yeah! A remix! Deal with it, boi. While the original is legendary in its own right, I honestly think this might just top it due to its pure danceability. So much so that it was actually higher on my original list. Of course, then I remembered that Cam is actually the child of Lucifer and I conceded. What Soulchild does with this is he takes each component of the original and shifts them around, often injecting some much-needed energy into it for tops. With the addition of some feel-good piano chords and some child-like backing vocals for the chorus, this song will bring out the inner kid in you and let it run around the house for a bit.

7. Feel Good Inc. (Demon Days, 2005)

Whassup, it’s Cam. Before you get complainin’, this song is good. It’s just slightly overused and isn’t their best. Besides that, the bass in this song is to die for and De La Soul carries it into being the awesome song that it is. That and the laughing is awesome.

6. Rock The House (Gorillaz, 2001)

What a groovy song. What we have with Rock The House is an example of how Gorillaz are almost chameleons when it comes to discernable genre. This is a pure chillout hip-hop track, plain and simple, right down from the lack of 2D input to the trumpets (and you KNOW how I love me some trumpets). Completely dominating the track is Del The Funky Homosapien, cousin of NWA’s Ice Cube, and his bars upon bars of “getting down” and uh… that’s about it. Regardless, he does a pretty good job of convincing the listener, as I’m positively getting down all over the shop when this one’s on.

5. Kids With Guns (Demon Days, 2005)

This song is relatively chill. The guitar in this one is frickin awesome and maintains awesome throughout the song. Although nothing mental happens, besides changing singer, this song is so good and I don’t know why. You heard the Gorillaz, kids, guns are a good thing. I should clarify that’s not what they said. It was a joke. Sorry.

4. 19-2000 (Gorillaz, 2001)

This song is my jam. I’d compare it in some ways to Melancholy Hill with its irritatingly catchy electronic-style shenanigans. I would say this is their happiest and most upbeat song, although that is debatable. To be honest I have no idea what the hell makes the music to this song, but it is awesome. The words to this song also make literally no sense. But yunno, get the cool shoeshine.

3. On Melancholy Hill (Plastic Beach, 2010)

What a beauty of a song. For me, easily the best song on Plastic Beach. The sugary sweet synth leads and electronic sound to this makes it one of my go to chillout tracks and always comes up when I consider my favourite Gorillaz songs. The shoegazing performance from 2D emphasises the atmosphere of the track perfectly as he drifts from verse to verse with absolute ease. It really stands out as one of my favourite non-rock tracks of all time, to be honest, but I’m warning ya, it’s so catchy you’ll have to undergo experimental brain surgery (I know a guy) to get it out of your head.

2. Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz, 2001)

So, by now you’ve realised I don’t know how to talk about music. That aside, you can probably agree that this song is awesome. I’m pretty sure this was their first song, which just shows they have always been a good band. I wouldn’t exactly call this song chill, the sunshine isn’t quite in the bag. Although it’s catchy, the drum always make me do that tapping thing with my foot. Which I hate doing but it’s habit I guess. The rap bit in the middle is the danketh. The transition is just awesome, which is the same reason that Feel Good Inc. is such a good song.

I put this as my personal number one, but to be honest it’s not better than the number one on this list.


Gorillaz have done an ass-tonne of great songs, so here are a few more to “obnoxiously block your view of No. 1”.

Dirty Harry (Demon Days, 2005)

El Manana (Demon Days, 2005)

All Alone (Demon Days, 2005)

Empire Ants (Plastic Beach, 2010)

Plastic Beach (Plastic Beach, 2010)

Tomorrow Comes Today (Gorillaz, 2001) (If Reuben had his say this would be in the list!)

So big phat fan favourites Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc. have seen themselves snubbed for no. 1, so what could it be?

1. DARE (Demon Days, 2005)

“It’s comin’ up, it’s comin’ up, it’s comin’ up, it’s dare.” As soon as I hear Shaun Ryder’s thick Mancunian accent belt out that hook, I know I won’t be stationary for long, considering that, following it, is one of the best dance tracks ever freakin’ made. With Noodle uncharacteristically taking lead vocals, her light performance (actually supplied by Roses Gabor) gives the song I child-like enjoyment that resonated with me as a 4 year old, and now as 16 year old, every time it’s on. Of course, the real standout of this song are the synths, that wind about the song like a groovy snake, supported by one of the best beats this side of anything, ever. I’ve loved it for over a decade now, and I don’t see my infatuation stopping any time soon.

Well, thanks for tuning in, folks. Lil’ reminder to check out Gorillaz new album, Humanz, here and my article giving my thoughts on the new tracks here. That’s me then.

Booooooo, go back to writing anime stuff.

I will. Eventually.

– Cam.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Gorillaz Songs – Milo & Cam

  1. I will listen to Humanz this week. Hopefully I will love it as much as Plastic Beach, which is my favorite album by them. On Melancholy Hill is utterly gorgeous, one of Albarn’s finest pop moments (which is saying a lot) and one of my most-listened songs. Nice list, by the way! Those 10 tracks are certainly among my favorites by the band.

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